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  • dawnisbreaking dawnisbreaking Oct 18, 2001 2:02 PM Flag

    If You Like This Pass It On, I Did!

    A few added thoughts.

    Your note seems a bit overdramatic. One, perhaps the, pillar of America may be the strength of our common agreement to live by and support (including defend) certain standards, based on the Constitution, which is itself based on deeper foundations of English law/experience, Christian teachings, etc.. Obviously, the rights and responsibilities therein, and the laws that expand and explain the meaning of the Constitution, apply to all and do not generally change with each immigrant wave. One might say these rules are primarily FOR the minority, since the majority could otherwise presumably do as they please.

    We know printing money with our favorite design would not be a productive exercise but, if currency saying "In Allah We Trust" were legal tender, most of us would accept it (I and other Americans have done so in other countries). If the U.S. were founded by those with such beliefs, and became the democracy it is today, it is likely some would still use reference to Allah as an excuse to refuse to dedicate allegiance to their chosen country. Should we all be refused this right simply because it is disliked by one of our many "minorities"(?).

    Some common sense is necessary for the country to work. Right now, for example, we would not consider refusing to allow religious workers to travel on our roads, even though the roads are "state" funded. On the other hand, given the opportunity, some would undoubtedly go that far. In some areas, common sense vacuums seem to have developed, where reasonable practices have been weakened/abandoned with no equal-value replacement.

    A large part of present U.S. problems lies in the hope by some to use our differences to divide us from each other and from others around the world. If Osama Bin Laden represented the Independent Church of the Sands of Time, with a total of 16 adherents, he would be, aside from the human misery caused, only a source of light bemusement; i.e., a joke.

    A danger is to see him as the leader of the Arab people or of Muslims. Unfortunately, if we do things wrong, that could become a self-perpetuated difficulty.



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