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  • dwb360 dwb360 Oct 30, 2004 9:24 PM Flag

    The Republican Party that I Joined.

    It is very simple. Bush has fullfilled few of his 2000 election pledges. I think that Kerry, while not perfect, is more honest, intelligent and truthfull and will not make the mistakes that Bush has. I also believe that he is more open minded and willing to consider the opinions of others. Bush's approach to get rid of anyone thatd dsoes not accept his point of view. lfor example Lindsey, O'Neal, Clark, to name a few.

    You can give excuses but you can�t change these facts:

    1. At the start of his term the government had a balanced budget and was in the process of paying off the national debt. That surplus has been turned into a huge deficit that will take generations to repay.

    2. In Bush�s 2000 campaign he stated that he was against nation building. But today we are deeply involved in rebuilding the infrastructure and governments of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    3. Bush said �When America uses force in the world, the cause must be just, the goal must be clear, and the victory must be overwhelming,'' The cause for going to war in Iraq has proven to be false. There were no weapons of mass destruction and there was no working relationship between Saddam and Omar Bin Laden. Overwhelming force not used and Americans are still dying because of it. There was no plan to secure the peace and no exit strategy.

    4. Bush claimed that he was a uniter instead of a divider. He has proven to just the opposite. He has divided the rich from the middle and lower classes through his tax policy. He has divided Republicans and Democrats alike with his policy towards Iraq, his stand on gay marriage, abortion and gun control. His war on Iraq, the positions that he has taken on the Kyoto global warming treaty and the antiballistic missile treaty, and his unilateralism has resulted in the loss of respect for the United States throughout the world.

    5. He said that he had a plan to reduce the U. S dependency on foreign oil. For years later and nothing has been done.

    6. Bush said that he was for renewal of the current gun control laws but took no action to encourage its passage.

    7. Bush has not made us safe. Cargo in passenger planes, baggage on trains and ferries and cargo entering our ports is still largely unchecked. In the meantime our actions in Iraq and around the world have created a whole new army of terrorists.

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    • 9/11 changed everything.

      It's dangerous to vote for someone who doesn't recognize that fact.

    • I find it interesting that you choose to say you were once a Republican, yet adhere to basic incorrect Democrat party dogma. Your "facts" are wrong.

      1. The economy had turned downward by the time the President took office, and debt has grown every year, including the eight his predecessor was in office. Sen Kerry's proposals will make our debt worse, particularly if he manipulates the tax code for political versus economic purposes.

      2. Since your other words are untrustworthy, it is difficult to accept your alleged quote of the President during the 2000 campaign. I take it that you disapprove of moving Afghanistan and Iraq toward democratically elected governments that no longer harbor terrorists(?) On the other hand, you like the idea of adding more Dem jobs via plane and ship cargo inspections, without much thought to what that would do to freight backup at our ports (As with airplane passengers, there is sample/deterrent inspection now).

      3. Your #2 says we should not be taking action in Iraq and your #3 says our action was not strong enough. Covers all bases, and no bases--a fairly normal Kerry position.

      4. You call the President dishonest (he isn't, former Pres Clinton and Sen Kerry--e.g., in saying last week he met with all members of the UN Security Council--are) and of low intelligence (suggesting you may be correct, but he is better educated and has proven himself to be more astute than your heroes), refuse to consider the wisdom of his positions, then call him a divider. Did you notice Sen Kerry has based a major part of his campaign on the proposition minority voters were disenfranchised in FL (although he knew the FEC and other investigators found that to be false), continually encourages the electorate to believe those with incomes over $200K were given unfair advantage (while Sen Kerry paid 12% on millions last year, most from tax exempt bonds which will be untouched by his tax proposals), ...etc(?) What you do is comparable to a thief accusing a victim of theft.

      5. Your candidates continue to drive their SUVs, fly their huge private planes, sail their yachts, maintain (for Sen Kerry alone) seven palatial houses, oppose the President in all energy proposals (e.g., ANWR drilling), and yet you somehow think they will have more successful energy programs.

      6. From your previous comments, you do not understand guns or the law you reference, so how can you believe you have credibility in any position regarding the law(?) The President left the issue to Congress, which most directly represents member state constituencies. You may recall, respect for state's rights was one of your reasons to support a candidate (not that you explained how Sen Kerry can be superior in that regard).

      7. I continue to marvel at you and your cohorts' insistence the U.S. is responsible for the killers who prey on those with whom they disagree. You will reason with suicide bombers and beheaders of the innocent victims of their attempted blackmail. With such logic, we should perhaps abolish our military departments, FBI, CIA, etc.; fire our policemen, border guards, etc. We should pull back from overseas, keeping only enough security personnel to inspect airplane and ship cargo, let the French manage our affairs in Europe and the North Koreans our affairs in Asia, and all will be well. How, for example, would that have stopped the Al Qaeda smuggler with explosives in his car trunk caught last year on a western U.S.-Canada border crossing, the 9/11 terrorists, the early 1990s WTC bombers, ...(?) How can you see the UN failing to obstruct terrorists, yet wish to rely more on the same entity for our security(?)

      Something (decency, common sense, a conscience, ...) is missing. So you make unfounded allegations, offer twisted versions of reality, and tell us you plan to support Sen Kerry. I don't think you just recently declined to such a sorry state.


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