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  • sophia3jan sophia3jan Sep 16, 2012 2:06 PM Flag

    Idc stockholders where are you? LUKE

    What is your thought on the IDC volume? Any new funds buying? Looking for a management news release. Quarterly report still left many question marks!

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    • Sophia/Luke,
      I think some of the overdue press worthy stuff is starting to leak out. We've traded over 350,000 shares of IDC in the last month or so; this is 5x greater than the previous rolling month. And it's been fairly consistent. We can't even get snackslover to type "Tingyi Joint Venture" so we know its going to be great news and/or he's been living under a pallet in a Pep distribution center for the last decade...... I think both!

      The Vadar thing is worn out dude, put a sock in it. The "Green Machine" is going to revolutionize the POS drink fountain industry in addition to all the aseptic stuff Pep is targeting across Asia. Get on board dude, we're partners now. I don't think that PEP is a 10 baggar ($700/share) before IDC will be $4. This is about making money dude. When you're sitting at the poker table over 15 minutes and can't figure out who the sucker is....... it's you snackslover. Do yourself a favor and sell 50 shares of PEP, and pick up 10,000 IDND. Lets have fun getting rich together!

      Go PEP and GO IDND! One is not the other while becoming one and the same :)


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      • Great advice, down 14% today.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... I just love doing that! It's an inside joke hair_pie_face and I figured it out. The joke is IDC would love to have PepsiCo as a partner but it ain't going to happen. If you want to get rich, no problem since I am already there. Sell all you IDC shares and if you are lucky, you can buy 50 shares of PEP. At least you will have an investment which will yield results.

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... I just love doing that again and again and again.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Pie,
        Living under a distro pallet, hahahahahahaha! (It's kind of nice being able to do that without hillbillytrader around). I think the problem with snackslover is just that; his mental model is salty snacks. He can't comprehend a business plan for aseptic products in Asia looking through Cheetos framed glasses. You can believe that buy side volume is from people that have a form or tie to information about the Tingyi Joint Venture. There is no doubt that news is getting out.

        Good call on the Peter Lynch "10 baggar" reference....

        You up for a poker game some time soon? LOL

        ~ Luke

    • Sophia,
      Yes, we have another institutional investor. Spinnaker Trust is now accumulating shares!

      The August 1 trip that Abbott and Wuttke took to meet with the Pepsi China officials in Shanghai is a pretty telling story. In a nutshell, the project got delayed by the Tingyi joint venture.... they are now moving at "warp speed" by normal big company standards.

      I believe the volume is coming from the best statement ever printed in the quarterly report..... on page 12. The first ever statement that "management believes it has all the necessary resources to achieve positive cash flow". They don't believe they will need additional investment funds and will only "do so with great care". At this point volume is coming from word of mouth by those closest (picks and shovels) to the projects that are developing the new products.

      I'm very excited about what Santa Clause will bring us this year :)

      May the force be with you,
      ~ Luke

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      • Poor Luke, if you are lucky Santa Vader will put a "dianoga" in your IDC stocking! As you know, a "dianoga" was known to have boarded the first Death Star, and made its home in one of the space station's garbage compactors. A garbage compactor will be a much better investment than IDC stock and the "dianoga" Santa Vader brings you can make short work of this, going down in value, stock.

        BUY PEP!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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