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  • bookit2012 bookit2012 Oct 18, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Pep report - idnd?

    Sophia, you never cease to amaze me! Your lack of knowledge is unbelieveable! IDND is finally in position now to begin growing! The third & fourth quarter reports for 2012 will tell the story!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The web site for IDND is coming out soon! With the third quarter report we will see upside in the stock price. Strong buy!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I hope the website is informative and clearly explains the benefit of their technology and commercial potential, the partners, facitlities, management, because otherwise it takes a detective to find info on this company. I have to rely on message boards for info and that is always dubious. In fact it is the message board of a different stock. I own shares now, but want to know if I should buy more.

      • COME ON LUKE? BOOKIT2012 you are either a dreamer or management. You appear to be new to IDND, but us old timers have heard the next quarter or annual report for years. So If, or when, the BID BAD WOLF DOES SHOW UP. We will either be dead or already sold out of our IDND STOCK AFTER 17+ YEARS OF EMPTY PROMISES!!!! I hope you are MANAGEMENT LIKE HOPEFULLY GREG and have inside information.

    • Hi BOOKIT2012! I am happy to see some new idnd blood commenting on idnd! PIE I was referencing a AP NEWS REPORT not PEP quarterly report. My mistake, but Financials were discussed in the article, as well as many past and future PEP events. IF THINGS WERE REALLY LOOKING GOOD FOR IDND, WHY IS IT STLL TRADING IN THE VERY LOW .30S? There is NO WAY you could keep something good secret for 17 plus years. Over that many years good and bad results would have leaked out - the stock price has never shown any movement resulting from a good leak. Only empty promises.

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