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  • sophia3jan sophia3jan Dec 27, 2012 1:42 PM Flag


    Well heavy volume in early December is now gone, price continued to stay low, and no news other than a non dated letter from Greg. Sorry but if this is not tax selling and a 90 percent chance that BAD and a much delayed quarterly report will be coming, you have to be foolish. I hope that the 10 percent will happen, but don't hold your breath. To late to sell any more IDND stock, hold for now bad report will give us a chance to unload on large volumes at lower prices.

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    • You are so funny...... Again, IDC is an R&D company, I can say with a level of confidence that you are probably the only person on the planet that thinks about a tax loss in the context of this investment.

      You know something...... You forget that OTC companies are not even required to file anything! This is a crystal clear message..... And Greg made it crystal clear when they moved OTC...... OTC was a temporary measure to save money because of Sanbanes-Oxley, and the fact that we have less than 100 investors. What other OTC company continues to maintain audited financial statements?..... And publishes them for Sophia to complain about.

      Nothing has changed...... Cash flow positive, get rich, move back to Nasdaq small cap market (because we already maintain audited financial statements), get more rich, and so on......

      You have some nerve to complain about a filing that isn't even required! The fact remains, the insiders will continue to support this thing until successful...... Forever! If you sold anything, it's your loss not mine!

      Happy New Year,

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      • Hi Luke, just checking to see if you were still around. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND ALL IDC STOCKHOLDERS - HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS TOO. All we need for a Happy 2013 is IDC CONTRACTS, CASH FLOW, LARGE PRICE INCREASE. Life is short already gave IDC 17 years cannot wait to much longer. Greg is also getting OLD and he appears to have the contacts. We need him to close things out fast, because we are running out of (life) time.

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