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  • bookit2012 bookit2012 Jan 26, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    IDND's Future


    IDND has positioned itself in a market where they are the only game in town! Once major fortune 500 companies commit like PEPSI to this technology it will be around for a long time. It is costly for companies to change technologies and set up new production lines. So I would look for this stock to sky rocket to double digits ($30 to $40 per share). As a long time investor and believer in IDND's technology we will all be rewarded shortly! Look forward to seeing everyone at the stock holders meeting!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Go shill that POS loser company somewhere else this is the PEP board.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Shill somewhere else? William, I'm sorry to say, we are partners and here to stay! If you are not aware, IDC and PepsiCo signed a multiyear global supply agreement regarding The Answer tap. PepsiCo China is proactively investing in the equipment and is moving fast. Manufacturing and sales support systems have been significantly enhanced through use of The Answer. And the state-of-the-art PepsiCo China R&D center in Shanghai has the "Foodserice Room", where over half of the linear space along the display was is devoted to The Answer despensing units.

        The PEP board should be lighting up based on the future growth plans in Southwest Asia. This is a big deal William............ and, "you're welcome" in advance!

        May the force be with you,
        ~ Luke

    • Jack the Dreamer. If IDC had that type of potential big money would be rolling into the stock. Or at a minimum PEPSI would have bought out IDC for a few Billion dollars long ago.

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      • Ahhhh.... young Sophia strikes again with more jokes! So tell us, when was the last time you saw a market leading Consumer Goods company care to think it was a good idea to go into the packaging business for themselves? They spin off bottling divisions for gosh sake..... they don't even want to have anything to do with packaging their own fizzy brown liquids..... LOL.

        Jack..... $2-3 a share is the short term (6 month) target; this is where the stock traded on the Nasdaq SmallCap before delisting and moving OTC. The years we spent OTC are a blessing that comes once in a lifetime. There is no other way for the small guy to accumulate at the same rate stock was offered to the insiders at .42.

        Bookit...... I'm not sure we can call IDC a $3.2B enterprise quite yet! :) How about we start at $500 million in 12 months. That's 13x from here and it will give Jack $6/share in his IRA and put a big smile on all our faces..... bigger than the smiles we'll see when Hair Pie gives Sophia a big hug at the shareholders meeting.

        May the force be with you all,
        ~ Luke

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