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  • hair_pie_face hair_pie_face Jan 31, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    IDC Trading Pattern

    I told you the market makers are play games! I'm a paranoid conspiracy theorist; this has to be some big players working in collusion with the insiders to get control of what remains of the float. They don't just announce a new Executive Director and establish an Advisory Board without a plan to get these dudes in the $$ game.

    My theory is they held off on the 3rd quarter report because Sophia was right. There isn't a major significant "thing" to report beyond the standard progress we know they are making. No website, no report, and no significant announcements beyond the idea we have a bunch of new Sheriff's in town directing traffic.

    You know these Sheriff's aren't just standing around directing traffic. They are holding back valuable information so these dudes and their cronies can suck up as much of the open market float as possible. It makes my head hurt thinking that there is only 10 million shares floating, that is under $5M on the open market at todays price. Heck, that Wei Ing-Chou dude at Tingyi could simply write a personal check to a broker and say have a nice day!!

    All I can say is this is going to be one crazy year for IDC. The tipping point is way behind us now, they are simply holding out..... but, for what?


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    • Pie,
      For the first time in a long time, I believe I have to agree with you on all accounts. :)

      There is clearly an accumulation pattern going on with the volume hitting on the small 100 and larger 2500 share lots. I watched it real-time on level 2.

      On the waiting for what? question you raised......

      I also believe they are holding out to announce the success of the Green Machine trials and an expanded website to show all the packaging options like those viewed in the state-of-the-art PepsiCo Shanghai China R&D center "Foodserice Room"...... the room that had over half of the linear space along the display wall devoted to The Answer dispensing units. I just love repeating this statement every chance I get!

      May the force be with you,
      ~ Luke

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