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  • lvltdude lvltdude Mar 6, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    IDC Enters into Global Strategic Alliance with Sealed Air...for an high speed aseptic filler

    March 04, 2013 09:00 AM Eastern Time

    IDC Enters into Global Strategic Alliance with Sealed Air

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--International Dispensing Corporation (IDC) (IDND), a leading food-and-beverage packaging innovator, announced today its strategic alliance with Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) to develop an ultra-high-speed aseptic filler for bag-in-box (BIB) products and to promote this new system throughout the world. A global leader in food safety, product protection, and facility hygiene, Sealed Air has a presence in 62 countries and serves customers in 175 countries, with over 25,000 employees and annual sales of approximately $7.6 billion in 2012.

    “Sealed Air’s strategic alliance with IDC is an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the aseptic packaging market”
    The strategic alliance between IDC and Sealed Air has been instrumental in developing proprietary aseptic BIB filling equipment that is designed to fill at unprecedented speeds of up to four to five times faster than standard aseptic BIB fillers.

    The ultra-high-speed filler was designed and manufactured for IDC and Sealed Air by Alfa Laval in Parma, Italy. In December 2012, it was installed at the Island Oasis low-acid manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York. Besides being a source of potential new business for IDC and Sealed Air packaging materials, the location will be showcased as a demonstration facility for potential customers to view the filler in operation. IDC and Sealed Air anticipate global demand for the filler, especially from high volume aseptic producers who can capitalize on the operational advantages of a much higher output system.

    While IDC’s proprietary aseptic tap, The Answer®, was the inspiration for the development of the ultra-high-speed filler, the potential reach of the filler extends beyond ready-to-drink beverages to a wide array of BIB foodservice categories. Concentrates, coffee creamers, smoothie bases, cheese sauces, soups, stocks, salsas, syrups, and ketchup are a few of the products currently packaged in BIB. Virtually every beverage or ingredient dispensed from a machine at a cafeteria, restaurant, or stadium is delivered from a bag or pouch below the counter or in the back of the facility, and represents opportunity for the IDC-Sealed Air strategic alliance.

    The ultra-high-speed filler creates an additional profit center for IDC, while also enhancing its ability to market The Answer® by offering a complete packaging solution.

    “IDC’s strategic alliance with Sealed Air is a milestone, and a major step toward establishing the bulk aseptic package as a mainstream format,” said Greg Abbott, founder and CEO of IDC. “The benefits that should accrue from a large-format aseptic package—lower cost per fluid ounce, less packaging material, lower carbon footprint—can now be realized on a mass scale for Sealed Air and IDC thanks to our ultra-high-speed system. When one adds to the equation that The Answer® safely and continuously dispenses aseptic products without the need for refrigeration, as if the package has never been opened, IDC offers a compelling competitive advantage that addresses many of today’s global packaging challenges.”

    Abbott continued, “IDC is partnered with one of the world’s most respected and forward looking packaging companies with a vast global sales and service network. We are now in a position to capitalize on and create a myriad of BIB opportunities, whether the particular demand is for our taps, the ultra-high-speed filler, or both.”

    “Sealed Air’s strategic alliance with IDC is an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the aseptic packaging market,” said Karl Deily, President, Sealed Air Food & Beverage business. “Besides complementing our existing bag-in-box portfolio, it extends the value we bring to customers through greater operational efficiency.”

    About International Dispensing Corporation (IDC)

    IDC is a packaging research and development company that specializes and manufactures game-changing innovations for the food and beverage industry.

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    • Hi Luke and Pie: You have been very quiet! Are you finely becoming a believer that we are being played by positive looking statements. But with no financial backing? Stock had a very small bump in price, but nothing like one would have expected with the positive statement. It appears that investors are looking at expected future potential for dollar numbers. Come on without you guys IDC comments are totally boring. Fishing the bottom, picked up 3500 shares at 0.43; should have waited some shares sold at 0.41. The bottom appears very soft, I have tried selling in the high 0.40s with no results. Top is very weak- you can sell at 0.45 to .46.

      • 1 Reply to sophia3jan
      • I am neither Luke nor Pie but please allow me to take the liberty of responding. I am more concerned about the increasing quietness of management (than of Luke or Pie), but that is not a show stopper for me. I am a little more concerned that they (management) are running on a shoestring budget but still it seems they have that under control for the most part. But I would like to hear of orders from Pepsico, and I rmember reading a statement that they expected orders by the end of 2012 (unless I imagining this). I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for this to happen. In my experience managers are more optimistic than reality allows, and I am sort of used to this. A good manager communicates to his or her stakeholders, but communications to the owners of this company have been fitful if not fewer over time and farther and farther between as time allows. Are we heading out to the edge of the solar system? I don't know (LOL). In this case the reasons I have invested (and believe me it is in spite of the lack of transparency, lack of a website, reporting, and response to my two attempts to communicate (albeit at a time when they were very busy) - so by now you are probably aware that I believe one of their weaknesses is in the communication area), are that there seem, (one) to be an awareness of their products in the industry, (two) as well a need, and that translates into a major broad, global market (opportunity). Also (as I've said before) the the Pepsico deal, the Sealed Air Strategic Alliance, the experienced and well connected board members (I hope the CEO at least talks to them as there are many opportunities available in that channel). But when will the Pepsico deal turn into orders? Pepsico just built its 6th bottling plant in Vietnam (in 2012). Will they have to retool these old plants or build new ones? I am very long and I am not not exactly sure how I let it become my second largest holding. But for now I think it is worth waiting to see what happens this year. But I'd like to see something happen that directly significantly impacts the top and bottom lines, and that would be a slew of orders from Pepsico! It may be that the CEO, and I hope this is the case, realizes that the shareholders want to hear only substantial announcements now, and not "we have something great going on behind the scenes, and we can't tell you right now, but just wait until we can tell you about it, and it turns into something!". Still appears it will be worth the wait. Right now I am willing to give in till the end of this year. Seems new things (new technology) always takes more or less longer than at first I expect them too.

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