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  • sophia3jan sophia3jan Aug 19, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    IDC Sept. 23 - 25, 2013 Pack Expo.

    If IDC will be at Pack Expo, why is IDC not on the list of Exhibitors? Are we being tricked or joked again?

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    • ticked? u sound paranoid

    • Sealed Air says......
      We Re-ImagineTM the industries we service to create a world that feels, tastes and works better. Our vision is to create a better way of life. Sealed Air, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of high performance fresh food, protective and specialty packaging products will highlight the all new PackTiger paper cushioning system along with the PriorityPak and Fill-Air Packaging Systems. Also featured will be Cryovac Shrink Packaging along with Shanklin Shrink Packaging Equipment. Cryovac Food solutions will feature the newest addition to our VFFS systems, the Onpack 3002. In addition, the full line of Bubble Wrap cushioning, Instapak foam systems, Jiffy Protective mailers and our Specialty Materials/Polyolefin foams for both packaging and non-packaging markets will be showcased.
      • Tapes
      BASIC MATERIALS – FILMS & RESINS• Coextruded Films
      BLISTER, SKIN / VACUUM PACKAGING MACHINES• Skin / Vacuum Packaging Machine
      FORM / FILL / SEAL MACHINES - HORIZONTAL• Flowrapping Machine
      FORM / FILL / SEAL MACHINES - VERTICAL• Form / Fill / Seal Machine for Bags
      • Form / Fill / Seal Machine for Fitment Attachment
      • Film - Converted - Shrink Film
      • Paper / Paperboard
      SPECIALTY PACKAGING MACHINES• Aseptic Packaging Machine
      WRAPPING / BANDING / BUNDLING MACHINES• Shrink Tunnel / Oven Machine
      • Shrink Wrapping Machine
      • Sleeve Wrapping Machine

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Forbes Guy,

        I can't remember if i said this or someone else, but now I see it again in your post......

        If the high speed filler is significant, why doesn't Sealed Air have this equipment outlined in the main trade show description? All we get, on the bottom category lines is:

        SPECIALTY PACKAGING MACHINES• Aseptic Packaging Machine

        Nice!! Sealed Air cares more shrink wrap, bubble packaging, and polyolefin foam systems, than the do about the Aseptic Packaging Machine?

        What do you think?

        ~ Luke

    • Sophia,

      I will try and be kind as we can see your youth and naiveté coming through loud and clear.

      Why would IDC exhibit alone.... HaHaHa.... we laugh because this is like saying Ericsson is interested in building their own space craft to the moon without Boeing and NASA involved just because they invented a cool new power module. Maybe put into more clear Sophia aged context, this would be like trying to sell Crayola Crayon's in a booth without paper and coloring books :-)

      Sealed Air Corporation is the strategic partner for the design and development of the high speed filler. They are the global leader in food packaging with a presence in 62 countries, and serving customers in over 175 countries. Sealed Air is like NASA...... and Alfa Laval is like Boeing. IDC is like Ericsson with the cool new invention called "The Answer". :-)

      Alfa Laval has a picture of the high speed filling equipment on the Drinktec food show website. This looks cool. But, I do have to admit I'm disappointed that the Sealed Air description(s) for the Vegas Pack Expo doesn't have any special introduction to "The World's Fastest Aseptic BIB Filler". It looks like their marketing department grabbed the same ole/same ole trade show descriptions they use from the past year over year. Unless this was done on purpose because they have a true "coming out, big, bang" type of announcement to kick off the shows. But we do realize that this new high speed filler is one of many/many capabilities, products, and services that Sealed Air Corp. will be displaying and marketing at these shows.

      No trick, no joke, no..... The Answer does not need its own trade show booth :-)

    • Sophia,
      You clearly don't understand what your Grandmother invested in. "The Answer" is just a small component part.

      Are you heading to Vegas? Let me know when we can meet at the Sealed Air booth. I would love to meet you there!!

      ~ Luke

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