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  • luke_sky_walk_er luke_sky_walk_er Sep 12, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    IDC Sept. 16-20, 2013 drinktec

    The New Munich drinktec trade show begins in 4 days on September 16th. This is so exciting it's giving me goose bumps :-)

    The ultra high speed filler is going to be "the buzz" at the show. We have created, validated, patented, and commercialized the world’s only aseptic tap for bag-in-box, and have developed ultra-high-speed filling equipment to support it.

    The tipping point is now. It's the feeling you get at the top of the first hill of a roller coaster ride. We are about to go racing over the edge of success and into the promised land. We all know Sophia loves promises. It's better a little late than never. Hold on to the edge of your seats friends.... the ride is just about to begin.

    May the force be with you,
    ~ Luke

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    • Is IDC an exhibitor or just tagging along with someone else at this show? btw, what is product you guys keep raving about going to add to the cost of the product it goes on?

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      • Good question what is the cost of the BIB and The Answer? Munich trade show day one completed with no immediate excitement in IDC stock volume or price. They probably have The Answer under a tarp to keep it a secret, just like we know about the R&D In China, the fast fill; but the rest of the world does not know about these things. Who are the dumb individuals and corporate investors? Sure looks like it is the IDC MINORITY INVESTORS. Management (GA) treats us like mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and feed us s-----t.

    • I agree whole heartedly. The tipping is now for sure. You can see it in the volume and price pressure. It will only take a small amount of marketing, newswires, and exposure to get this ball rolling harder. You stated it well that we are a micro small $24 million dollar company with zero exposure. This exposure is about to come, and its going to come fast and furious. The high speed filler is crazy fast in terms of aseptic processing. ... everyone in the industry will have this capability soon enough. This is a Strong Buy!! Get them now while we're cold.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • From a Drinktec Alfa Laval press release:
        "New Alfa Laval Ultra-high-speed Bag-in-box Filler and Beer-in-box Filler
        Alfa Laval – a leading global provider of products and modules for the beer, beverage and food industries – launches an aseptic beer-in-box filler plus an ultra-high-speed bag-in-box filler that is 4-5 times faster than standard aseptic fillers.
        Bag-in-box is a handy package that attracts more and more customers due to its various benefits:
        • Long storage time due to sterile filling and impermeable films, granting constant product quality
        • Ideal for a wide variety of beverage and food products, dairy as well as non-dairy, including products with fibres, seeds and particulates due to the special filling via a plastic fitment
        • Convenience and flexibility thanks to the variety of caps for one or multiple dispensing units including refrigerated (or heated) solutions.
        Due to general global trends such as urbanization, female employment and fast food, the bag-in-box concept offers a good solution for a variety of prepared food that satisfy the new demands.
        New rotating filler is the fastest on the market
        The new rotating Alfa Laval Ultra-high-speed Aseptic Filler is capable of filling consumer bag-in-boxes from 3-20 liter with a dispenser cap at an unprecedented speed of 30 bags/minute for 10 liter bags. “The new ultra-high-speed filler is 4-5 times faster than standard aseptic fillers for ready-to-drink beverages and food,” says Pierluigi Decio, Business Unit Manager, Food Solutions, Alfa Laval. “This extraordinary performance is achieved through a rotational filling concept with six filling heads at work at the same time, granting soft handling of the caps and great performance.”
        Alfa Laval developed the ultra-high-speed filler together with International Dispensing Corporation and Sealed Air Corporation, who under their strategic alliance are exclusive marketers of the machine under the name IDC/Cryovac Speedflex™ Bag-in-Box.
        tb continued...

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