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  • jpdark jpdark Dec 15, 1997 5:53 AM Flag

    What a bargain!

    If you don't believe me look at the max chart. I know I can count on a nice 2 or 3 point pop after the Coke paranoia dies down. I've bought and sold Pepsi a number of times and always made some quick cash. I know I got a deal at 35 1/4 and I'll be up in no time! Do your own reseach but MOVE FAST! It won't stay this low for long!

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    • Please read my postings 53, 54, and 55.
      Because of your experience and confidence in PEP (which I
      share), I would like to get your opinion and insight into
      the effect that the recent DLJ downgrade will have on PEP.


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      • ZZ,
        Just to give you a little background on Pepsi. Before I looked at any chart on Pepsi I owned a vending company. I moved 4
        times as much Pepsi product as Coca Cola. I have observed the same at grocery stores. I've seen people buying Pepsi by the cases
        whenever it goes on sale. Not to mention the volume of sales from Frito-Lay products which Americans consume has convinced me that
        Pepsi is a solid investment. As for a minor downgrade by analyists who most likely bought it earlier this year when it was trading
        in the low 30's and sold it when it hit the upper 30's, you can bet they too started loading up on shares when it hit 35!

        If analyists knew everything they wouldn't have downgraded Cisco when it was in the 30's!

        I too have been burned on the shortside by downgrades and I am holding shares I bought at 37. Even if they stay flat (pardon the pun) I know the dividend will compensate for whatever dips the stock may take. But, as usual, I rarely have to hold a stock long enough to wait for the dividend and Pepsi has always come through. If you don't believe me, pull up their MAX chart. It has it's minor dips but it still looks like a 45 degree upward chart to me!

        Happy investing!


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