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  • pylesm pylesm Mar 9, 2002 12:00 PM Flag

    PS3 Will Be Pretty Fast

    From the "cell" article, sounds like Sony is interested in the tech more for its online gaming potential. IBM's SP architecture is based on parallel processing where each processor is independent of one another and communicates via a high speed backplane. This is not the same as a multiprocessor PC architecture. The cell technology is an extension of the SP architecture. IBM has an API used to facilitate parallel programming for the SP running AIX. It sounds like, for the cell architecture, they would like to come up w/a new OS... maybe MSFT is vulnerable after all. This new OS would be based around parallel programming methodologies. I think this would only apply to gaming in the case of multiple players distributed across the "network".... just my guess about what Sony might want to do w/the tech.