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  • maxx36 maxx36 Dec 7, 1998 6:55 PM Flag

    Channel Checks - lots of AKLM games sitt

    posts that attempt to manipulate the stock price, please give me some more ammo before I go to the SEC, you continue to dig a rather deep hole

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    • Madden"the sky is falling" drools may always be
      negative, and there's nothing wrong with that; he's
      entitled to put in his two sense. Most of waht he says has
      some basis-its just that he always draws the most
      negative conclusion form any thing that happens to the
      company. The key is what other readers do with the info,
      and I think everybody who is at least a semi-regular
      poster knows what is agenda is.The proof is in the
      pudding though; since earnings came out and though he is
      doing some ranting and raving, the stock has gone from
      5 1/2 to 10+.
      I think the trading today is part
      of the recent big buying with people who want to
      position before T2 is released-this may be fantasizing on
      my part, but I think once people see the hi-res
      graphics, the new weapons, and the dinosaurs, a lot of
      attention will focus on aklm-guess we'll see over the next
      few weeks. It looks like the last 5 minutes of
      trading today was about 34,000 bought on the offer at 9
      5/8, and 1000 sold at the bid. Stock should open okay
      tomorrow, but who knows?
      I've been playing Zelda and am
      curious about when your in the room with the plant
      shooting nuts at you -how do you bounce them back? Tried
      using the shield and the sticks like a baseball bat-no
      luck. It looks like a great game, but if I could choose
      only one game, it would be Turok2.