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  • Pepiperico Pepiperico Jan 18, 2000 12:53 PM Flag

    New games .........

    I do not understand some of the negativity
    surrounding the games : apparently Fur.... is a game for
    young people as is Re-volt... I do see a wellcome
    broadening of the offering here . The future looks brighter
    than the past! Hope this thing will bottom soon. A
    majority stake was bought in GTIS for 135 M. It would cost
    100M to buy AKLM now (178 capi -78 M cash). Is there
    someone to really believe there is much downside left
    from here??

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    • Sure, with every stock...we can see this stock
      get delisted, go bankrupt or get bought out at a 4
      (that a 25% premium over today's low!)

      In all
      truth, I believe that this company has significant
      potential to continue to be a major player, but...the high
      cost of r&d and advertising is killing all the took blockbuster sales of the WWF title to make a
      measly 15 cents or so in one quarter? That's
      ridiculous...I would love to see some heads roll, especially
      when it comes to missing deadline, 6 million dollars
      for an extension to an expiring WWF

      I won't bank on the ECW title to make huge splash
      in the revenue dept. It will likely sell well, but
      so do a lot of their titles, but how well do you
      have to sell in order to see green?

      Acclaim is
      a long term buy now...I would love to see some pr
      on their internet strategy and perhaps another
      licensing deal with some one of something