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  • mzj Jul 31, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Thisis just a preliminary to the real fireworks!

    The CEO will start promoting G2 in August. Right now only a handful of investors, hedge funds and investor advisors know about DSNY. They're the ones who are loading up know.
    According to CEO the company has fulfilled all requirements to move to NASDQ, except $2 per share. Now we have that. So in 30 days we'll be fully eligible for NASDQ.

    The key is G2 doesn't have any competition, the company has 0 debt and only 52M outstanding shares. 13M out of it are held by insiders, who have never sold even 1 share. The real float is even much smaller than 39M, because a smart group of shareholders is holding on to their shares and just watching the profits grow. Most of them will keep holding till the stock will be much, much higher than now.

    There is also over 500K short shares. They're already loosing their shirts. Wait till they will start covering...

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    • Who would be so stupid to short a $2 Stock in such a hot sector? I'm hoping this thing soars beyond $20...

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      • Where did you see the short interest published? I looked on Nasdaq site and it say no short interest there? I've been watching this stock on level two quite a bit during the day since it went over $1 about then 3 M/Ms with a reputation for being short operatives showed up. My guess is they have been screwed and completely run over. i got scared when they showed up and didn't buy as much as i wanted to back then and regretfully have been chasing it since.

        I was in it months ago and it just sat at .80 got bored after several months and got out. I have only half the position i want. Every time there is a sizeable offer it gets snapped up! Like right now the offer is 2.35 but it's only 600 shares, then 2000 at $2.40. This thing is a juggernaught

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