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  • zolie48 zolie48 Jan 30, 2008 8:17 PM Flag

    Stock price

    Did a little checking of my own.From 2/20-5/18 stock traded between 7-8(mostly in higher 7's in apr-may)From5/18-7/24 between 8-9 and from 7/25-8/24 in the 7's.That's 6 months of trading between 7-9 .Volume in that time frame - 9 days between 100,000- 400,000 thousand shares-77 days 10,000-100,000 shares(4 months).Doesn't seem to me that had much to do with any pumping by management.What do you think dennis?

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    • dennisnolan Jan 31, 2008 10:23 AM Flag

      I don't subscribe to any management pumping ideas because if they are not pumping they aren't doing their job. They are supposed to be creating interest in this company by growing or building it bigger so as to attract investors.
      You will not find any refrence from me about management pumping the stock. I took issue with them for not engaging a better Market Maker by solidifying their claims and justifying a better stock price. I think(and this really only matters to me )that this company has no idea how to create a buzz about themselves here in the u.s. and this post is directed at the total lack of public relations information being released in regards to ongoig operations.
      I should say also that I currently own no shares of thisa company and am still waiting for a bottom to get back in.
      sorry guys I call them like I see them.
      Farvo you do this stock a disservice by repeated claims of unattainable earnings and other such hype. in my opinion you should clean your glasses and see this company for what it is. It is a good story who has not gotten to the point of growth to justify the claims being made here on a weekly basis. let it happen and over time your claims may come true. no offense to anyone here I am only an investor and have no personal concern to anyone who posts here. I am also just a speculator with no grocery business experience I trade in stocks for 3 decades now and this one stumps me.

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      • Mgmt is not pumping in the typical sense but they come out here to the states and talk up all this stuff and never EXECUTE. Mgmt's job is to market the company but market and then FOLLOW THROUGH. Zwi is all bluff and no substance so far. He talks up all this stuff and if he followed through it would be great but he talks and talks and talks and NEVER FOLLOWS THROUGH.

        This is the craziest stock to trade i have ever seen

      • Dennis what you say has alot of truth.The p.r. is really bad what bothers me is they have a p.r. person in the states-Chris Chu but very little has been forthcoming.Maybe I'm to hep on this stock.However the purchase of the co by AG at at a big premium plus the intent to expand with M&A's -some of which have happened -leads me to believe that this is a hidden gem.Also WFF who seems to have an inside trac feels very positive and I know He has met with management a number of times.

    • Thanks for info Z48.Last year stock went from 5.50 on Jan 26 to 8.05 on Feb 23.Maybe Feb will be the charm.The last year and half there were 3 acquisitions -Laish-Barons and Shamir.Hope for at least 3 more this year!

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