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  • farvosnit farvosnit Mar 11, 2008 5:46 AM Flag

    Outlook for Wiili foods

    For what it's worth-got an e-mail from WFF who is in Israel now and visited new Willi food facility and met with management.Hopefully he'll post some details soon.He's still very positive on Wilc says its only a question of time until investors discover the true worth of the company.Lots of goodies and positive news coming.Didn't elaborate-but said we won't see such low stock prices for long.Hope he's right!

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    • Until now as DN put it- this has been a stock with a good story that did not deliver. From what I gather they are ready to fulfill on some of the hype.They have imo more than enough on their plate now(Big increases in core products- new salad businss-cheeses in u.s,)to double revs and have an eps of 70-80 cents in '08.If it happens stock will gain notice and new investors will come aboard.Until then I don't expect much change in stock trading.In the next qtr or two we'll see if it becomes"a good stock story".

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      • Wow, some reality finally! hatis all I as sharholder wants from this board. Farvo is always PUMPING likeheworks for Zwi or something.

        Yes, willfood is right. This has been a STORY stock for years with BROKEN PROMISES and HYPE.

        Zwi says we are doing deals. They end upwith dinky Laish. then they can't do Vitaroz, Baladi, thenRussian deal off and now its on?! Just chicken with head cut off.

        Then they say, ohdairy prices surprised so now no 26% gross profit, we have 19%, and have a loss.

        Then they sell good stake to Gaydamak and he does nothing with his investment. Gaydamak is russia based, why can't he do something?!

    • How am I bashing? I am an investor therefore OWNER of WILC, why cannot I express my frustrations and criticisms.

      Mangagement teams love passive shareholders that sit and wait, i can wait and be patient but when i am told one thing and the other thing is what i see, why can't i express my views.s

      everything is GREAT in WILC land, two busted deals, leaks/rumors about deals meaning insiders have loose lips, low oerating margins, this is stuff to WAIT and be happ with? you are unreal, i bet i have more $ in WILC than you do.

    • Z48 I agree -My point is either hold and wait or sell and go.No point in bashing.

    • What the hell does he know? Big deal, nice facilities, woop dee do.

      WHen is Gaydamark gonna do something here. the guy is just sitting on his a ss, Zwi made it sound on previous calls like he'd be involved in the co and he has not done crap.

      Arethey gonna buy that Russian co or are we gonna hear that, even though Zwi said will buy by April, actually, deal is off now.

      these guys are not as good operators as they pretend to be. low gross profits that they get "surprised" by because of dairy. only thing makign any money is baron. laish is junk, and htey sell cheese in pathmark?! LOL, pathmark is a dump. they talk big and underdeliver, should be doing the opposute

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