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  • zolie48 zolie48 May 29, 2008 8:59 PM Flag

    Delivering on promises#2

    Wff -who seems to have insider info and was an ongoing pumper of the stock.I know that he met with management a couple of times.Was he duped by management or is he (excuse me)a shill for the company? He seems to have disappeared for the most part!Maybe Farvo you could enlighten us ?Or better still maybe WFF you could clarify this for us!And Chris the more communication the better!

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    • With the Russian deal we gave the disclaimer that the deal could be concluded pending due diligence. If the due diligence weeds out a company as a target than it would be reprehensible for management to go forward. However I saw the letter of intent with my own eyes so there was no deluding there. I think this goes back to getting ahead of ourselves. Maybe they should have sent the PR out after it was all concluded. And I was pretty harsh with management about this that they almost ended my contract with them. But the result is that they will be more guarded with M&A news.

      We are working on getting more PRs out to the market. They posted big numbers this quarter, so obviously there must have been individual events that triggered this, and I let them know that we should get this out in releases for the public.

      You can't blame them for Baladi the Israeli authorities forced that hand. Otherwise they would never have mentioned Baladi until a deal was concluded.

      I think as a whole we have put into place protocols so that management's credibility is better managed. I will take the hit for this one, as I should have been advising better with regard to their pipeline.

      WFF doesn't have any more information than anyone else. He commented on this "news." That didn't exist. I know this because I help create all the news. WFF is astute at listening to the calls though. He's with an investment group and they pool all their notes.

      The situation with the salads in the US was again a near term vs medium term issue again. And they are indeed working on the timing for announcing things, ergo why you don't see a fiscal forecast besides a conservative number they will be able to beat.

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