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  • kauiakid kauiakid Mar 29, 2012 8:15 PM Flag

    Nice, guess insiders stop selling for awhile

    You miss my point- # 1, I bought when the stock was up- so I am stuck, for now- secondly, I didn't say they were working at manipulating the stock- but their constant selling pressure holds the stock back just the way a stock rises when it is being accumulated- but in the opposite- (down) direction- the ones that are selling are in this for themselves- obviously- but they are less concerned about holding the price of the stock up- for the benefit of ALL shareholders- than most insiders- and the perceived value of the stock suffers as a result-

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    • This is the kind of twisted logic your mind creates when you make a bad trade. Insiders can't sell or buy enough stock to really effect the price to any degree. Sorry you made a bad trade but you will have to eat it or hold it. Chaulk it up as a lesson in trading. DON'T blame the company for your crappy trades.

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