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  • soccerdad6264 soccerdad6264 Apr 20, 2012 2:01 PM Flag


    This stock is grossly oversold as indicated by massive volume...rebound rally is about to kick in and we should see a very sharp and pronounced bounce. RVBD saw sequential YoY sales growth of more than 32% from 2010 to 2011. The company had Q1 EARNINGS of $.20 per share which met expectations. Revenues missed projections by less than 2% in the current quarter and they guided revs 2% below consensus for next quarter. The company has no debt and tons of cash and a product roadmap of very well-perceived "Killer Apps" that is a 1 or 2 high priority in terms of need and demand from their customers on a worldwide basis. This stock is off some 28% in a day losing more than $1.2 Billion in market value...which is totally and utterly absurd. Riverbed is extremely well-positioned for accelerated growth, #1 in market share, armed with a rich product portfolio of best-in-breed "must have" technology. I agree with the analyst who came out today and said the selloff is way overblown and that investors would be well advised to buy aggressively at anything under $25 per share. This same analyst has a price target of $32 on the shares of RVBD which I feel is extremely conservative. Though it would still provide 60% upside from today's oversold price levels if it just gets back to $32. A phenomenal "Entry Point" for sure!

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    • Management is rotten and too laid back. They need to do the damage contol ASAP.Today, the stock is down some 28% from yesterday's price.

      They can slash all the cost including the reduction in the work force drastically.

      They need to bring their new Steelhead and other products on market much faster.

      They need to go in emerging markets and other Asian/Latin Am countries at a rapid pace to imrove their margins.

      They need to compete aggressively in cloud computing and take away competitors' business. How does Salesforce do so well?

      They need a business strategy that works and implement it fast.

      CEO and others should stop taking big big ompensations until they come up with earnings and sales that will beat WallStreet estimates. They need to give better guidance in advance of it.

      They MUST surprise Wall Street with better earnings and sales for Q2,2012.

      If they do all this stuff, the stock will move up nicely, otherwise Mgt should look for selling the company to someone like JNPR, Dell or Csco at some $30 price.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to implement some of above ideas .. just some bloody common sense.

    • Rev Miss 2% and PPS down 30%?? can not get the right math. Bring this over $21 then I will buy.

    • unbelievable how people mimmik sheep, you'd think we lost the farm, good god it was 2 cents and 2% revised quidance, once they start to follow they must not look up to see where there going. Has this really warranted this much.

    • analsts opinions are like butholes everyone has one. some use thiers in the wrong manner..

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