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  • walkets walkets Aug 19, 2003 4:55 PM Flag

    I may...

    ...have paid too much for this stock at $40. Is it overpriced here or can it move up? All the other retailers were up today except for DKS. Maybe that's a harbinger of what to expect in the future.

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    • Msg: 1416 was posted before the fiasco yesterday. I will continue to hold.

    • These stores are named Ativa and are ladies sporting goods stores. These stores sell all brands of sporting goods clothing including, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Ryka, etc. as well as our own brand Ativa. They are hoping to open a few more of these stores in future. There are 2 currently open, Crossgates and Walden Galleria in NY as you mentioned. They are hush hush about this for some reason, I suggested they give info regarding this strategy to the investment community.

      Good catch on that one!

    • That's a pretty good rule, buy high and sell at -7%. You could turn $100,000 into pocket change in couple of decades of that kind of compounding. Maybe if you learned something about the companies you own, you wouldn't be in such a rush to sell when they become cheaper.

    • walk....for Gods sakes chill out! Why in the world did you buy DKS??? Must have been a your method of purchase. If you constantly pick poor stocks, then I would suggest reading a few books...(Peter Lynch) and changing some of your criteria. As for DKS, I watched them go to 20..bought in fairly heavy...and will wait for a split. Yes, they may go down...but in the long run..all of my research shows this company to be a grand slam! Awesome finacial sheet, top notch corporate leaders, the best sporting goods chian in the market, steady growth in units of stores, sales, and earnings....come on guy, stocks like these come along once in a blue moon...this one is a no brainer!! HOLD ONTO IT!!! Check out these stocks as well...I think these are some of my best picks...CUB, ISLE, BMI, RPM, and HOTT....check them out!

    • wak- I am looking into the Ativa deal. I do know that they have trademarked that brand name and use it on private label goods, ranging from women's clothing to golf balls (also for the ladies) There is a store in the Crossgates Mall, but I don't think there is one in the Walden Galleria. There is also a Dick's in the Crossgates Mall, right next to the Ativa store so they may be using it as a pilot test program. They have been very quiet about this if this is indeed the case. If they are using this women's athletic brand to roll out these stores, I applaud it. As I have mentioned before women are the key...

      will report my findings...

    • I agree ....I too see the same solid financial quality in DKS that was seen in HOTT just a few years ago. Looking back 7-8 years, a couple of other companies (both leaders in their industries) had similar growth patterns. They are HD and Cisco (before the big tech meltdown). As long as retail remains strong, the smart money (institutional) will continue to come to this stock.

      I'm not too concerned about quarterly announcements. They could be very positive and we could still see a drop in the stock. There are some players that play on announcements so almost anything can happen. As long as the numbers continue to come in positive (and growing), I will leave my money here.

      I agree with Maxx. If the fundamentals are positive, just hold through such temporary adjustments. I too normally work with stop losses. However, I'm not going to allow a temporary downward adjustment take my shares for cheap. This is a solid company (retailer), with very solid management. This is one of those gems that will seem so obvious years from now.

      I've never been this comfortable holding strong :) Good luck to the strong hands

    • "A few differences between DKS/HOTT I see are the fact that HOTT has/had the ability to create an offshoot with the Torrid chain. I have had a hard time thinking of a way a sporting goods retailer to do something similar."

      Max -- Dick's already has Ativa, which is a mall-based women's footwear/sports apparel store. At one of them they're even apparently testing offering aerobics and yoga classes.

      I have no idea what they look like or how successful they've been. As far as I know there are only two: one in the 'Walden Galleria' in Buffalo and one in Crossgates Mall in Albany.

      Anyone in the area had a chance to check one out, yet? I'm sure we'd all love to hear a report.

      (extra credit if you survive an aerobics class)

    • HOTT just released earnings...sweet! 5.2% sss growth. Opening 80 instead of 70 new stores under the HOTT name.

    • I think my earlier posts apply to both. They appear to have run strong and may be tired, if I had to choose one I would go with CBK. Both have had tons of recent insider selling as well....

    • Max, I agree. Down on light volume is okay.

      As far as CBK and CHS, I'm looking to get in. I have no established position in either one.

      But they both look very compelling.

      What do you think?

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