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  • valuemonster_jurel valuemonster_jurel Aug 29, 2003 2:50 PM Flag

    Ok, max, dicksmatrix, etc.

    I can now see why wilkets gets under your skin! He's negative, for negative's sake, and I'm strictly value-based. That's ok, he can say what he wants, and given the current lofty valuation, I am inclined to agree more with him, than against him.......Differing opinions, that's what makes a market...Good luck to all.....

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    • Man, having a Jurel is worse than having a bad girlfriend...

    • Val- I see you are still a dick. Lofty valuation? I would say that based on the way both TSA and DKS have trended this week that TSA was the one being looked at as overvalued...I'm going to have a buddy stop by the TSA board for a month or two and pull a walkets on you.

      DKS fans, I am still investigating the ATIVA store launch. All signs so far point to a successful venture. Don't know why it has been so hush, hush, but when I ask folks about it they give me that look...

      Keep an eye out in few weeks for my return will give full TSA/DKS overview and what the folks heading out to Garts think...

      Good luck to all but Val- he can continue to suck rat shit (otherwise known as Walkets)through a straw.

      Matrix- good job, hold the fort down...

      Lets see... how many days in a row does DKS have to kick TSA's ass for these knuckleheads to go away?

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      • You know how dumb I am? I took you off of Ignore for one day after Labor day (I had a blast BTW), and I see this kind of drivel. I thought it might change, and you have shown to be both stupid and pathtic. It didn't have to be this way (started after DKS.....well dick'ed you), and you took things way too personally. Now You are threatening....

        "I'm going to have a buddy stop by the TSA board for a month or two and pull a walkets on you."

        You are dishonorable, sick, a loser, and let's face it....a POS. Back on Iggie, and I hope you take a long walk off a short pier.....sheesh what a loser to the max!!! (pun intended)......Good luck to almost all.....

      • Max,

        The way things have been going I think were not going to have to deal with Val and Wackit hysteria much longer. It's similar to the story about the mule and the 2X4. Can you explain trading in the last 30 mins Friday. What was that?

        My looking glass has DKS poised to make a very nice move right through December and into SP 04. They really have to aggressively open new stores according to their backfill plan.

        Don't know much about Ativa. Ladies sportswear isn't it?

        Have you seen some of the personal stuff on the TSA board - what's that all about? Ugly!


    • Val,

      When you lay down with dogs, you generally get up with fleas.


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