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  • dicksmatrix dicksmatrix Sep 11, 2003 10:38 AM Flag

    Nice to read ya!


    How you been? Things pretty much the same with Val and Wack it - two heads in the sand. Val can dish it but can't take it. The truest sign of a candyass momma�s boy. It gets a little warm and he hits the iggi button. Val has lain down with the dog and gotten up with fleas he can't get rid of.

    Wack-it's record monotonously skips over and over. Sell, Sell, Sell! So much so I still think Wack-it is a bashbot. And if Wack-it is not a bashbot he is a peanut head whose act is so transparent it doesn�t need Windex. Therefore, I don�t even respond to it.

    A few longs have hit sell thresholds and bailed. I feel for them. Their circumstances, I suppose, are not anything like mine.

    Looks like a typical "tree shaking" micro-market cycle.

    I absolutely love my long position and DKS performance to this point and don�t see anything but steady growth through 2006. Ativa possibilities add to the pleasure.

    Super Long,

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    • The sad thing about this Walkets guy is that if this stock tanks, he gloats and "wins." He was right. But if we break above $40 again, he has "set himself up" with the possibility that he has taken a long position at $40 and will make money, saying he knew this stock would rebound, he was just fooling everyone so he could buy more shares cheap. Either way, he wins, we lose. So lets just ignore him, unless he can start posting some useful insight/ideas.

    • Bravo, that was well done!

    • so, you'll answer the easy question, but when pressed to state your case for your position relative to this stock, you ignore the question, or spew forth with more crap. Hmmm.

    • Nope.

    • Is that you, John?

    • I've been holding QLGC and HOTT as my core along with DKS, and then I like to have some play money for the penny stocks...

      DBBD ( in at .06 and .16) AKLM ( in at .55)

      Gotta have some fun out there!

    • DDB, a cyber six pack that it hits 40 before 30, you're on.

      By the way my favorite brew, right now, is Corona.

      I can taste it washing past my lips right now. Thanks DDB.

      See you at 21.

      By the way. It's multiple deserves to be more at 10 than 18.

      Down, down she goes.


    • I am long BN, PCU, DKS, JWN and just bought JNJ about 15 minutes ago.

      All of these would probably be dogs in the IBD/momentum world, but my investment philosophy is capital preservation first. I don't see much downside to any of these, with PCU being the riskiest.

    • Sorry about that earlier one Max. That wasn't too cool of me.

      Like Gordon Gekko put it, I believe it is wise never to get emotional about stock. But the personal comment I made was pretty lame.

      I stick to my advice to Rickets. Cover soon or be sorry.

      When the 10 year bond is yielding 4.2%, a PE of 11 for a growth stock, even one growing 10-15% a year like DKS, is absurdly low. That is why it didn't stay at $21 for long. If this thing goes to $21 again, it will be because the market/economy collapses. 18X earnings is perfectly reasonable given the interest rate environment and DKS current growth.

      But that really isn't why I bought it the other day, the chart screams oversold, plus I made pretty good cash on this thing earlier when the chart said the same thing.

      Rickets, want to put a six-pack on whether it hits $30 or $40 first?

    • DDP, you're are wrong. Dead wrong, my poor old chap.

      DKS is destined for the old trash heap.

      Short term, long term, it doesn't matter, DKS is so horrifically broken any upside will be met with immediate selling.

      Again, must I have to reiterate, DKS's p/e is too high.

      Fair value on this puppy is more in the area of the low 20s.

      Hold long and you might as well take a match to your money.

      The results will be the same.

      Its going to 21 and even the longs are starting to wake up to this eventuality.

      By the way, it will most assuredely, finish in the red today.

      It most always does.


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