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  • walkets walkets Sep 23, 2003 3:31 PM Flag

    The selling has resumed

    Don't look now, but this thing is starting to gather momentum to the downside.

    Could it finish in the red?

    It's topped out and headed back down.

    Tomorrow, no doubt, the selling will be again in earnest.

    Can you say $21?


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    • Hey, Monsters need love too!

      Love, love, love, share, share, share.

    • Ameritrade wouldn't let me buy JSDA because I can't trade .OB stocks on my account. PNRA is the next KKD; it's too expensive, and just keeps getting more so. Great Company though. I was dissapointed that their breads have partially-hydrogenated oils and cottonseed oil in them. I thought PNRA would be a "healthy" place to get a tasty meal. I'll have to stick to the coffee bar. I'm trying to find out if their Artisan Breads will be free of trans-fats. Anybody know?

    • He is also under the perception that if you buy something today and it goes down tomorrow then you have lost all your money and are a complete idiot...He clearly demonstrated this narrow minded idealogy with his recent calls on DKS...

      He's like Clinton after he got busted with Monica...he knows he's wrong, but will try everything possible to deflect the blame.

    • Momentum Monkey, since Val doesn't read my posts anymore, ask him how his investment in BUCA is going...he feels it is neccessary to let you know what he thinks of your let him know what you think of his...

      From what I have seen lately BUCA has been tanking...

      He really is one giant ass.

    • Great call on JSDA!! I think I know who you are!! Getting these small cap momentum ones at the 'begining' is critical. When one 'tunes-in' makes all the difference. Good luck, 'cause you'll need it. What about PNRA? Overvalued wouldn't you say?!? Good luck to all.....

    • If you like to dabble in the .OB stocks, you might want to look at JSDA.OB It's at $1.20 now, but it was $.89 just a little while ago. It's Jones Soda Company. They just went profitable, and they have new contracts with PNRA and, I think Barnes & Noble to put the sodas in there coffee shops. They contract out their bottling, so growth is not a problem. Who knows about these small stocks?! Do as much DD as you can find info for. Lot's of take-over action in this space.
      There is a lot of excitement about JSDA over on the PNRA message board.

    • Forgot to tell you specifically about this one...but I did post about it a couple of weeks ago...

      "Re: Nice to read ya!
      by: max4172 09/12/03 02:53 pm
      Msg: 2110 of 2587

      I've been holding QLGC and HOTT as my core along with DKS, and then I like to have some play money for the penny stocks...

      DBBD ( in at .06 and .16) AKLM ( in at .55)

      Gotta have some fun out there!"

      Forgot about AKLM until I saw what it did today! OPLO had a minor hiccough today, I will add any "play money" available to this one on dips. DBBD is holding steady in the .16, .17 range.

      Currently holding
      QLGC the core...

      OPLO the play...

      As soon as I can get some more damn free time I am going to do a sweep of the small caps and see if anything else looks poised for a breakout.

      Always a pleasure!


    • Yes, I see, do the reverse of what Walkets and the Cookie_Monster say.

      I like it.....

    • gotta love that, I've put $2,000 to the good side in a week. We should thank walkets!

    • oooh, look who didnt cover...

      And DKS is up what? 4$ from the low?

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