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  • dwilli1764 dwilli1764 Sep 25, 2003 4:17 PM Flag

    It's so peaceful...

    having that f'ing a$$hole Walk on ignore so I don't have to put up with his rantings 24-7...

    It's amazing how much less cluttered the message board is w/out his posts....

    If you are going to bash, at least bash with some facts every now and then....

    At least Val tries to incorporate some facts...although I don't agree with him at all

    I'm a super long, been in since 17, but I would even agree that it was a good short opp at $42...I would also agree that it was a good buy at $33 and probably is now a hold...If this stock ever hits 21 again, we're all screwed because something really big must have happened in the world...To h#ll with the virtual 6-er...Here's a virtual Keg on that one...

    I just can't stand people that rant for the sake of ranting and f'ing up these boards so that people that actually want to read sometimes useful information have to weed through all the clutter...

    ok enough ranting...oh one more have to remember why dks was priced as it was during its ipo...The Market was at the lowest point it had been in quite some time and the ipo market was practically bare as no one was buying stocks or putting money into the markets...Yeah, it probably could have gone for more, but look at it like someone earlier did...everyone won...

    Ok rant really done now...

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    • This is my first ever post. I've been reading this message board for months now and this is the first time I've felt like responding.

      "By the wy, not everyone plays sports or is in shape. Just go to your local state fair and you'll see what I mean.

      Sports retailers are a small niche.

      That alone will dictate small growth.

      It's that simple, really.

      See you at $21."

      So have you forgotten that the baby boomers of this country will begin retiring within the next few years and they are going to pick up extra curricular activities and those include sports. DKS wont be around at the end of the decade. HUH? Your dumb. It's easy man, just look at the ROE of 31.99 and the Debt-to-Equity. Case closed!!!!!!!!!!

    • good post Val. I agree with some parts and disagree with others.

      #1 agree lots of mom and pops biting the dust.
      #2 disagree with allowing local managers to buy led to there demise. Jumbo should have gone all woods & water and stayed away from socks and jocks. Just for Feet was a "smelly" operation from all aspects.
      #3 having the software in place to run retail efficiently is a key to success. It separates the big boys from the little ones.
      #4 I agree (obviously) that investing in sporting goods retailers can be profitable when bought at the right price.

      Why the dig on Hibbett's? They are a well run B market retailer that has rewarded its investors nicely over the past 9 months.


    • 'Everything' is a function of cash flow. While there is a group of people who believe it is impossible to apply mass-market techniques to local situations, I disagree. #1 -- The buying power. This is witnessed by the huge # of 'mom & pops' sporting goods retailers biting the dust over time, and the remaining players achieving some sort of economies of scale. #2 -- Giving local mgrs the ability to tailor SOME items (note: JumboSports, Just For Feet, et al took it to the extreme and led to massive investory problems). #3 -- Inventory controls and the ability to pay for JDAS for the AS400 platform &/or Manhattan Associates DC software. Sporting goods retailing (as can be said as w/many other industries) is a good business to invest in --- at the RIGHT PRICE. Pay the wrong price, and you could get gutted. Now the sporting goods retailers as a whole sell far below 1x sales (not nearly as much as in the past), so there is a lot of room to work. That is unless one owns Hibbett (HIBB), and oh my just check out what happend with that overvalued mighty-mo-momentum driven POS today......Good luck to all......

    • Do yourself and all of us a favor stick a blowtorch up your ass and pull the trigger.

      In the past 26 trading days DKS has closed up 13 days and down 13 days.


    • Walkets my young tooth fairy


      longs from the bottom up 200%
      shorts off the top up 12%

      enough said
      see you in October.

    • Max old diet coke, quite the contrary, from it's high of $42.81 its off a good 12%.

      Keep selling DKS and make money.

      You can't seem to fathom the abyss in to which this stock is about to enter.

      Can you?

      By the wy, not everyone plays sports or is in shape. Just go to your local state fair and you'll see what I mean.

      Sports retailers are a small niche.

      That alone will dictate small growth.

      It's that simple, really.

      See you at $21.


    • Walker, young hedgehog, yeah you're right who plays sports anyway...just about everybody that's all...

      I agree it is a bad stock, a bad stock to short.

      talk to you in October.

    • Max, old sea cloud, I wouldn't want to put a precise date on anything, as that would be impossible to predict.

      I will, however, be glad to offer generalities of where this thing is headed and when, same for the overall market.

      Mid October - DKS $29, S&P 500 - 920
      Year end - DKS $25, S&P 500 - 840

      As far as other stocks I like, there's not a single one.

      The over all market is in the next bear phase that will bring the indices' p/e's down to below historical norms.

      Could see p/e of 12 be end of next year. That would put the S&P at around 620 or so.

      DKS, most likely, won't even be around by the end of the decade.

      I mean come on, it sells sporting goods, how lame is that?

      Bad business, bad stock.


    • walkets young leaf blower, I have an idea...why don't you once and for all post your exact target prices and what exact days these will be hit..that way we can keep a little chart for you to show how dead nuts wrong you were, are and will continue to be.

      I'm still holding my DKS maybe you should hold yours also...

      As dwill mentioned the only way this thing gets that low is if something fundamentally goes massively wrong, if that is ever the case you can bet your little leaf blowing ass I'd be the first one selling.

      Any stocks you do like?

    • Dwilli old bean, DKS is a hold you now say.

      According your statement, DKS at $42 is overvalued, at $37 is a hold and at $33 is a buy.

      Not to sound offensive, but I think you're a little delusional.

      I think I recall not too long you and other longers crying what a buy DKS was, how it was going to $50, it's a steal at these prices, yada, yada, yada.

      Now you're saying it's a hold.

      I'd say you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

      At least I'm consistent. You're all over. Investors like that get squashed.

      This thing is overvalued, overpriced.

      See you at a p/e of 10 and a price of $21.


      • 1 Reply to walkets
      • "See you at a p/e of 10 and a price of $21."

        Now that's an intelligent statement...industry avg is just below 19. For DKS to trade at a P/E of 10 it would be underperforming the industry avg by 47%. For a company that is an industry leader I just don't see that happening.

        the rah rah's have come and gone, the only ones you are dealing with here are strong longs.

        If you are accusing Willy of being a rah rah with claims of $50 please post where he said so. Otherwise stop lying/posting bogus claims.

        Oh and DKS is now less than $5 off it's highs or close to 10% big difference from 20+.

        DOW off almost 1% DKS off .5% holding strong.

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