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  • max4172 max4172 Oct 2, 2003 2:41 PM Flag

    Hey Val

    Now I know why you hate DKS and talk shit about TSA all the time. You are in the process of or have just moved to Denver...from Florida. Wonder why? Maybe because TSA is moving it's headquarters...

    Amazing what one can learn when they pay attention.

    So all of your analytical BS and quite possibly Walkets as well, have been the plan of a TSA'er...

    If you deny it I'll prove you are a liar, it's up to you.

    Knew you were always dumber than you portray yourself to be.

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    • Nongop,

      I don't believe there is someone out in candyland that doesn�t enjoy seeing the conceited and condescending cookiemonster get his big fat cottage cheese ass spanked hard by Maxi every time he chooses to hit the post or reply button.

      You can get on with your life. Let the boys play.


    • Re:max4172,itappearsthatvalue (Max)
      by: valuemonster_jurel 10/06/03 04:44 pm
      Msg: 16293 of 16296

      "Your day will come, as people like you always get what they deserve from life, one way or the other sooner or later..."

      -- Max, I am asking you to get some serious psychological help. You need it big-time!! You have created a persona from your imagination. I am human, and I make mistakes. I have made plenty of them, and will make them in the future. That's called being human.......You on the other hand are incorrigible! I'll even kick in for the professional help (I'm sure some others will also offer)......Take it easy, breathe.....The sun will come up tomorrow!! Good luck to almost all......

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 16292 by max4172

    • Val I beg you to put me on ignore, when the walls crumble I want to be nowhere in sight.

    • You can see my response on the TSA site if you wish......

      I'm all for getting back to DKS, and how much you luv that DicKS.....I wonder why? Granted, I'm probably asking a rhetorical question......Good luck to almost all.....

    • What a pusswad. You talk to me through other people and call me bizarre? Dude you are a piece of work.

      So I can assume by the fact that you have ducked, dodged, hid, danced, altered, the question, that the answer is yes.

      I figured as much.

      This loser is tired of burning your sorry ass. Please send the "A" team to do battle for you and send your sorry ass back to the pen.

      Your day will come, as people like you always get what they deserve from life, one way or the other sooner or later...

      I will never put you on ignore, because I am not the pussy you want me to be. Now go back to ordering some office supplies for the rest of the TSA crew.

      And make sure you hold true to form by telling at least 10 other people today how much better then them you are.

      How's it feel to be a human Pinata?

    • Need a tissue cry baby?

    • Look, Max is a complete loser. 100% evident. I'm willing to do as you say (remember I did it before), so let maxi-pad take the first step and put me on Iggie. I did so first for several months, now it's 'his' turn.....

      When I first started posting on DKS (after Max's invite), it was in the upper $30s/low $40s. how conveniently Max forgets that. Hey, maxi, remember it doesn't matter what happened before, it's the valuation NOW that counts!! For some reason he can't that through his thick cranium.....what a bizarre person, he needs mental help (granted most mighty mo' momentum idiots do).....Good luck to almost all.....

    • How about smoke signals? :)

      In all seriousness, I want no part of posting to Val once he answers the simple question I have posed to him.

      He has made many claims about TSA/DKS and claimed to do so based on "valuation" Now wouldn't it be interesting to know if these claims were made because he works for TSA or if he truly believes this. I mean, anybody that hates and talks so much trash about DKS (a company that has made a lot of us on this board very good money) obviously has alterior motives.

      The way he talks down to people as if he was the guru of investing is sickening at best. Many are intimidated by his BS and won't stand up for themselves. Once he finds somebody that doesn't take his crap, he losses control. Like now.

      This personal BS is just that BS, I asked a simple yes/no question, and he fires back derrogatory insults. He is a pussy.

    • is that a promise? maybe you guys could exchange emails, or signal flares, or singing telegrams or something, and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

    • Val-

      Here ya go, now pay attention this time. I HOPE that TSA does well, because if the number 2 in the industry does well, than number one is usually doing better! I also hope for Alex's sake they do well, he is the epitomy of what somebody should be like on a message board...not the condescending prick you are.

      If you have been paying attention, you would also know that I own TSA shares. Yes that is correct, they were given to me years ago by TSA management. Would I buy TSA shares? No, but I do own some.

      I don't talk trash about TSA, just about you.

      So if they fall to $2.00 or hit $100, I won't give a rats ass either way, but you'll still be the same blood sucking leech that everybody you come in contact with knows...

      You sure go out of your way to not answer a simple yes/no question. Maybe if I made it easier for you...
      Push 1 for yes
      Push 2 for no.

      In order to have a conversation one must have somebody to converse with, your childish ways make that impossible.


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