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  • max4172 max4172 Jan 2, 2004 6:49 PM Flag

    DKS Fund week 6

    The fund starts the year at $10560. Up 5.6% in 6 weeks.

    Individually we have a new leader...

    Jiesen $1281
    Max $1277
    Alex $1194
    M1ax $1072
    Flipman $997
    akcguy $989
    dwilli $975
    slus4u $960
    pressure $960
    louofm $854

    Individual stock leaders...

    Max DBBD up 77%
    Flipman TRPH up 58%
    jiesen LJPC up 43%

    Nice job fellas.

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    • Man, some serious games last thing to keep in mind as we near "the day"...Last year Syracuse won it all, they also won the preseason NIT...This year guess who won the preseason NIT? G Tech...and guess who was the only team this year to beat both Duke (at Duke) and UConn (neutral site)

      Yup Georgia Tech!

      Should be interesting...we all saw how vulnerable UConn can be with Okeafor on the sidelines...

    • Matrix,

      Just got back from the road...

      I do believe Uconn with a healthy Okefor is the team to beat. Duke just doesn't do it for me, and I hate the fact that Vitale is so pro Duke.

      On the other side Ok State and G Tech should be a great game, but the Duke/Uconn winner will win it all.

      My pick is UConn.

      How about a Big East NCAA (Uconn) and NIT (Rutgers) champ!

    • Max,

      I have 2 left Ucon and Duke. With Ucon winning it all.

      Where do you go from here?


    • as good a cinderella story as that might be I don't see Cuse getting past UConn...they could beat Alabama, but they need to pray Vandy slips past Uconn...

      My final four is still alive...GTech, Wake, Uconn and Duke...

    • Max...Just spent 10 days in upstate New York. Do you think the Orangemen can repeat?

      Not much excitment in the markets the last two weeks. Glad to see we are still in the green with the DKS fund.


    • Alex...the fund is still green but by less than 2%...

      The fund started day's end Nov whatever the S&P closed at on the 25th.

      Investing is never easy...:) But, the year is still young and I am confident most will bounce back!

    • CASHOUT .... Not me we will hold our 4 picks from the very beginning the entire run of the fund.DKS LOW HD TSCO if we average 15% for the year we will have done very well after last years big runups .

    • "you should see it after today..."

      We in the red yet?

      "what was the S&P back right before Thanksgiving?"

      Which day was it that the fund started?

      Thanksgiving week close (Friday 11/28) was 1058
      11/26: 1058 (wed)
      11/25: 1054 (tue)
      11/24: 1052 (mon)
      11/21: 1035 (Friday week before thanksgiving)
      11/20: 1034 (thurs)

      Cant remember when we started.

      Current close: 1095.

      If our start was right after thanksgiving, (1058), then the S&P is up 3.5%.
      If the wek before that, (1035), its up 5.8%.

      Looks like we're underperforming. Worse, it looks like most participants are underperforming. I guess this shows that its really hard to beat the index.

    • you should see it after today...

      what was the S&P back right before Thanksgiving?

    • Ouch, the fund is dropping, now not much over breakeven...we're going down with the markets...

      In mining, the XAU (philidelphia gold index) and HUI (unhedged AMEX gold and silver miners index) had broken below their 50dmas in recent weeks, but have recovered and are resting just above them. Thats more than can be said for most market indices. Hopefully they dont turn negative as well.
      We'll see if the mining sector can outperform on the way down, as it did on the way up. At least its doing better than the tech sector in this decline... (tech and mining went up together and were the best sectors in 2003)

      I wonder if we'll see people shifting into cash in the DKS fund if this decline continues...

      How much is the S&P up during the time we've had the fund? Are we beating it?

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