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  • dicksmatrix dicksmatrix Feb 10, 2004 6:34 PM Flag

    Split DKS Yes!!!!


    Please give us a history lesson. How and why is Max many confrontations w/Walkets analogous to the history of Stalingrad?

    Also, please explain why you shouldn't be crowned the Prince of Piffle?


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    • Crown whatever you want, you're still an SOB, but not in the same league as maxi.......

      Maxi wasted more time than imaginable with his thousands of posts refuting walkets. Walkets had the last laugh, by showing up maxi on what a jerkweed he is. That's why maxi's on Iggie, so I don't waste more time (than is necessary fo course!). Take care, congrats (so far), but the verdict has not been reached on DKS. Not by a long shot.....Will you have the discipline when the time comes?!? (remember we all don't exactly know when the time comes).......Good luck to all......

      • 2 Replies to valuemonster_jurel
      • Jesus Val. every single post you make references to me. Man get over it. You got your SHORTS handed to you, move on, spend more time analyzing how you could have possibly overlooked such a great opportuntity to make money, and less time being a giant spankweed.

      • Val,

        I seem to recall you agreeing, in principle, with most of Walkets contrarian positions. So I guess Max got sucked in by disagreeing with Walkets. But, as always, you weren't wrong by agreeing with Walkets. It seems you were the only one left out in the cold!

        If anybody got suckered in that discourse it was you. Think about it. I'm sure in that little pea brain of yours if you think about it long enough you will make the connection.

        Stalingrad? Stalingrad? STALINGRAD? Please I still don't see the connection - educate me on the battle for Stalingrad and how it's analogous w/Max and Walkets confrontations.


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