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  • insiderdatamining insiderdatamining Jul 14, 2004 5:58 PM Flag

    coo trading (2)

    DICKS SPORTING GOODS INC's Director//Pres. & Chief Oper. Officer// COLOMBO WILLIAM J sold 179500 shares at price of 33.1259:

    Link to the Form 4 filling:

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    • dick,

      The Kobe comment was made on or around the day he gave the Mrs. a multi-carat monstrosity & was part of the genre at the 'time.' It was an opinionated comment I believe drawn from a Newsweek (or some other source) article describing how the 'gift' came about by a saleperson at a store in Santa Monica. As always it was JMO, but again if you wish to see true vitriol, you should see how many feel about Kobe now that Shaq has been given the boot!!

      In reference to maci, it was purely a 'villain' response to his trouble with the 'law.' Most of what maci has to say is garbage, so I put him on Iggie, even though I am not surprised he may be in big trouble. Couldn't happen to a nicer 'fella.'

      Now make me happy, and take Greenspan's comments to heart and get DKS north of $34 one more time. Could happen with earnings, but after that --- yikes! All JMHO...Good luck to all....

    • I'll take a chill pill when you acknowledge you don't know if Kobe is a rapist and his wife a whore in any meanings of the words.

      You choose your words and their usage reflects who you are and what's important to you. We may not know who you are but everyone who has any sense and reads this board knows what you are.

      Calling Maxi a felon! Where did that come from? There have been studies that concluded tumors in certain regions of the brain effect behavior. Please get an MRI and rule out the tumor before it's to late.


    • "Stupid people don't know they are stupid!


      -- Touche......Couldn't have said it better myself....Good luck to all......

    • Maxi,

      I learned early on that if you couldn't dazzle them with brilliance you baffled them with bullshit.

      Val's problem is he doesn't know the difference and thinks we don't either.

      Stupid people don't know they are stupid!


    • Matrix, don't you find it amusing that Val has all this time to quote scriptures from the dictionary, but claims to not have enough time to post real time his stock buys/sells...

      Things that make you go hmmmmmm.....

    • dick,

      Since you asked.

      Main Entry: 1whore
      Pronunciation: 'hOr, 'hor, 'hur
      Function: noun
      Etymology: Middle English hore, from Old English hOre; akin to Old Norse hOra whore, hOrr adulterer, Latin carus dear -- more at CHARITY
      1 : a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : PROSTITUTE; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman
      2 : a male who engages in sexual acts for money
      3 : a venal or unscrupulous person

      -- I'll go with #3 on this one.

      Main Entry: 2rape
      Function: transitive verb
      Inflected Form(s): raped; rap�ing
      Etymology: Middle English, from Latin rapere
      1 a archaic : to seize and take away by force b : DESPOIL
      2 : to commit rape on
      - rap�er noun
      - rap�ist /'rA-pist/ noun

      -- I'll go with despoil on this.........

      Take a chill pill and get DKS above $33 and hopefully $34, pretty please!!! Good luck to all......

    • we are all aware Val feels he lives an untouchable life...always right about everything. It will be a pleasure to find out a little more about him!

    • as my Grandfather used to say, when you least expect it...expect it!

      That's all I can say about it right now...:)

      But I'm sure you'll hear some thunder from Val when he realizes the game is on.

    • now that's rich!

    • And what were the "rapist" and "whore" definitons you were using for Mr and Mrs Bryant, bubba.

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