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  • dicksmatrix dicksmatrix Nov 5, 2004 6:30 PM Flag

    Vive le momentum! Enjoy it while it's..

    And you too could be clicking your heels today had you only listened to Max 2 years ago!

    Instead you growl at the echo of your own words.

    C'est la Vie.


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    • Dick,

      It is an opportunity cost, but I have been around so many "DKSs" that I remain unconcerned. The greedy stage has kicked in, and many who should exit will not (or can't). Honestly the worst thing (on a societal basis) is that DKS happens to continue upward. It's so true the market overshoots both on the upside and downside! Management has shown the way, exiting at lower levels, so continue 'playing' at your peril. Everything appears fine as long as the arrow heads up, but when that arrow changes, and change it will, it will not be pretty. You would call it the difference between growth/momentum investing and VALue investing.

      #2 -- Listen to maci?!? Not on your life. I'd be bankrupt (100% on the moral side), and just passing time waiting for the real court appointed Chapter 7, 11, or 13 as the case may be.

      Patience, young grasshopper. One needs a large dallop of patience (+ mucho $$$) when playing this 'game.' All JMO.....Good luck to all........

      • 3 Replies to valuemonster_jurel
      • Maci short term play in CKR from $6.13 to $10.90
        Val same stock different play...went short at $9.03, CKR now above $12...

        Maci Long term play in DKS last position taken $17, now $38+
        Val same stock different play, short at $23...

        The picture getting any clearer for you spanky?

        Bankrupt on the moral side? Val you're a piece of work buddy.

      • Honestly, how long have you been saying either "Don't get in on DKS's" or "Get out before it's to late"?

        Am I wrong or has it been 2 years?

        All the while DKS has become a 5X bagger. The reason they are valued at what they are is because they do it (play store) far better than the competition. It really is that simple. When the competition figures out how to generate the margins and control the expense without pushing the customer away then DKS growth pattern (value) will change - not until then........ As it stands right now no one is even close and no one is on the horizon.

        I say if anybody got it bad - it's you. You lost a huge opportunity and it is under you skin in the name of Max.


      • Honestly the worst thing (on a societal basis) is that DKS happens to continue upward.

        This line takes the award for most incredibly stupid post of the year.

        The worst thing on a societal basis? Are you kidding me?????

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