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  • max4172 max4172 Nov 8, 2004 4:09 PM Flag

    post from 8/03

    Re: That's the ticket (max)
    by: valuemonster_jurel 08/22/03 03:03 pm
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    I don't have a specific price target, but I know what various numbers mean. DKS wouldn't have gone public at $12 if 10 short months later, she was really worth $40+. Come'on P-L-E-A-S-E admit this.

    It's a combination of (IMO) Paul Allen being desperate (i.e. sleight underpricing at IPO), an extremely favorable retail market induced by low interest rates & the perception that the consumer will keep the wheels greased, the 3rd year of a Presidential cycle (which keeps the program traders at hedge funds, Goldman Sachs, etc. churning), some growth that while 'manufactured' was easy for the mighty mo' momentum gorwthies to get seduced, and lastly DKS is not a half-bad company. Now put this all in a cauldron, heat the stew nicely, and you get what's happening. Won't be the first time, nor the last. Have you seen any of the Insider action on DKS?!?.....Good luck to all.....

    I love pulling old Val has he been so wrong for so long...

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    • man stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

      some gems and some land was he trying to say I throw shit out there knowing some calls are good and some are bad, just so that if anybody listens to me I'll screw them?

      50/50, fence riding BS...typical from our residing whipping post

      too bad they've all been land mines!

    • Max,

      Remember this one: "I've given him (maci)some gems and some land mines. He has an inability to distinguish from the two, and likes to only focuses on the negative and never looks at things on a portfolio basis."

      You realize this quote is a clinical example of mental illness.


    • Two upgrades and the stores are packed. People selling on Gander Mountain news. Hilarious! Expect pleasant earnings surprise. Short Squeeze will pop it to 42. I will check back then.

    • Yes Val keeping one's head in the sand is dangerous...however, while your head has been in the sand, we have been handing you your ass.

      DKS In Solid Mighty Mo-Mo Land.........
      by: valuemonster_jurel 02/12/04 02:49 pm
      Msg: 5204 of 7313

      can anyone reasonably dispute this? News is great, stock action is great (for a long), split announced, sheesh even the crinimal Greenspan's comments helped DKS out......All perfect conditions for mighty mo' momentum to fester like a deadly bacteria in a sterile petri dish....The whirlwind.....when it's reaped it will not be pretty......All JMO.....Good luck to all.....

      Damn Val that was 9 months and many many points to the good side ago...

      Do you not remember what you post? Do you just arbitrarily make crap up, that at that given moment you feel will benefit you or your positions in some way?

      At first I thought it was an act and you were just being confrontational, now I realize that you're just clueless, and most likely broke...

    • Max,

      There are enough of these posts from val to wallpaper his doublewide.

      Definitely mainlining something other then common sense.

      That boy has been burnt and burnt bad. Why would any self respecting human being subject himself to such humiliation?

      Remember our call on DKS was "20/20 hindsight" - I'm holding the first shares issued. You, if I recall correctly, hold some you bought at (split adjusted) $17.50.

      I'm telling you this guy is a major retardate! Actually, I think even a retardate would have bought some shares 2 years ago.


      • 2 Replies to dicksmatrix
      • Man I would love to take this case to jury...Val has given us a steady dose of momentum BS for 2 years. We have sat back and watched DKS climb from a split adjusted $8 to $38. We have been here all along, from the beginning singing DKS praises. Yet Val questions the validity of our purchases even though I announced to the board 2 minutes after my purchase went through what I did. Now if DKS had retreated from there and I lost money, then fine, ok I made a mistake...but it didn't retreat and my telling all from the begining that DKS was a great retailer, proved to be true, and I gave very long accounts of why I thought so.

        Val announced to the board only one trade, and that was a short position he said he initiated at $23. Well, he has said nothing of buying/selling or covering since, yet he expects us to believe he has successfully executed a few trades here, while claiming we are nothing more than the 20/20 hindsight twins!

        The jury would deliberate for all of 4 seconds...

      • Dick,

        Don't be so sure. I have non-longed (& covered) DKS twice. One at a medium gain, one at a small gain. I honestly don't care if you or maci believe it or not. You see, Dick, one must be dexterious when playing the 'game.' The only thing that doesn't surprise me is that you and maci take every single thing as a rock-solid 'static' given. The market is far more dynamic. I actually think you believe your drivel and 'phantom gains.' There's no flexibility on your part, nor creativity, nor truthfullness for that matter.

        "Remember our call on DKS was "20/20 hindsight" - I'm holding the first shares issued. You, if I recall correctly, hold some you bought at (split adjusted) $17.50."

        -- You know this is written in costless cyber-ink, right?!? You know that this is not true, right?!? "Recall correctly"?!? My, my part of the word, gains and losses are for real. This isn't a high school investment-club practice you know........Well, then again it may be for the both of you. My, my......Good luck to all......

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