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  • rickyrango rickyrango Dec 10, 2007 8:55 AM Flag

    This sleeping boy-giant is waking up......


    and he's hungry...lotsa little shorties about to get squished and eaten alive, IMO. They should get some great economies of scale going for future. Chick's could be just the next step as there are plenty of other acquisition targets in this space. Good long term due to demographics, health conscious folks and outdoor enthusiast growing market. Golf-HELLO! There will always be a place for the big box here, as people want to see and try out sports stuff and apparel. Sheer conjecture on my part, of course.
    GL LOngs, short term shorties beware....

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    • Let us see if DKS is truly waking up.

      Dick's executive Hennion said he sees the purchase of Chick's as more than just a deal involving retail location. He said Dick's also gets a management team to educate them and help them with the transition.

      1st all of the Chick's stores are mostly speciality stores. They do not fit into the Dick's model for size and volume.

      2nd Chicks's management style is not the same as Dick's. Chick's is a Family owned company. Most of the the advancment in Chick's is from within. This is not the same at Dick's. Within the past three years most of Dick's middle managment postions have been filled by outsiders that have limited experience in the sporting goods industry. This has caused exceptional store managners and assistant managers with sporting goods experience to be discontented and leave the company.

      3rd it will take approximately one year for most of the Chick's assistant and store managers to realize that their advancement has been stiflied after they have been mico managed by the regional and district managers of Dick's. Then the customer service rendered will start to go down hill with loss of the previous Chick's employees.

      If Dick's is truly waking up they will have to change their advancement psychology. Time will tell.

    • Hi Ricky,

      I don't see DKS as something that is waking up. I see it as something that is growing up. They are like a 13-year-old boy who suddenly realizes that his voice has changed, that he has stubble, and that his feet are suddenly much farther away from his eyes than they used to be.

      Their target of 800 stores by 2012 -- or something like that -- is nothing new; they've been saying that for 2-3 years, or maybe 4 or 5!

      This company had a long infancy. And it's had a great childhood. Now it's well into its high-growth-spurt puberty, and it looks like it has all the right parts in all the right places. It remains to be seen what kind of adult it will become -- but ALL the signs are very good!

      The big question, I think, is not if DKS has what it takes -- I truly believe that they do. The big question... Is the world into which they are growing economically and politically stable enough to sustain them? There is not much DKS can do about that.

      Staying Long!!

    • Great post, Ricky. DKS is like football: It's best to go long!!

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