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  • gosix gosix Mar 30, 2008 5:02 PM Flag

    Bait and Switch Coupons

    How do you lose a customer for life? Put out bait and switch coupons for a free 2 pack baseballs. $5 coupon. But no baseballs of that specific type to be had. Subsitutes????? Nope, baseballs just must not all be similar? None, Nada, too bad we're out per Josh Horton, Hardgoods Manager,..... Sorry too bad coupon says while supplies last per the General Manager, Pete Whitesides.
    This is customer service at the Northlake Mall store in Charlotte.

    I'll shop Sports Authority in the future. And in fact did, leaving my entire purchase there at the counter over the $5 coupon.

    Never again at Dick's.

    Is this what investors want in what is fast becomming a slowing retail environment?

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    • The coupon said while supplies last. That's pretty standard fare.

      Sorry bud, Dick's was in the right on this one.

      Plus, who makes a big deal over $5 bucks? Do you work in a sweat shop making $1 an hour or something?




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      • Lines at Dick'smoving faster now. Gosix is gone.

      • At this point I distrust Dicks Sporting Goods. Had a horrible experience yesterday at DKS in Central IL. Went to purchase a pair of track pants and top for my son who is in 7th grade. A sign above the goods listed them on sale and what the purchase price was. When he rang me up, it was done fast and with an attitude. After the charge I thought, ‘this doesn’t sound like the sale price”. It wasn’t the sale price but full price. Then I mentioned the wrong charges and the clerk gave me an attitude and called over the phone for a “price check”. He gave a quick and incorrect general description of the goods and after hanging up said the price was correct as charged and I was mistaken about the sale price. I reiterated my position, much to my sons chagrin and humiliation of fellow shoppers and said I would walk him back to the merchandise so he could see for himself. At this point he became angry and said he would loose “lunch time if he walked back with me”. At this point, the fellow cashier said he could go back and she would cover for him. He became angry and threw a hanger behind the counter but we did walk to the merchandise. I showed the clerk the signed and posted pricing and he agreed, saying they don’t change the system prices when they post the markdown in the store. He walked me back to another cahier and hollered that it should be the sale price. I then waited for another 10 minutes to recheck out.

        Overall I like DKS store and am a small stock holder. It’s been good to me but I do worry about the management and what is going on. I don’t trust the stores. Basically I feel that if they can, they will rip you off for the stores bottom line. I wouldn’t be in the store and shopping it if I didn’t like it. The concept of stores within the store is long gone and they have no- I mean no experts in any fields. High school kids at best. I hope the place doesn’t go down hill as they grow and expand.

    • Dear Bait & Switch,

      I am a former employee of this store and worked with both Josh and Pete. I suspect, since I know these two managers well, that you were nasty about not receiving the $5.99 baseballs. I suspect this becuase I know that this store has a case full of $10 coupons that ANY employee can and give to a dissatisfied customer to help make up for any dissapointment expereince. In fact the employees are encouraged to hand these coupons out. In this case, the $10 coupon would have more than made up for your perceived loss. The staff will not provide these coupons if the customer is acting in an unreasonable or uncivilized manner. Given that you do not mention the receipt of such a coupon, I'm led to believe through my experience that you first got angry with the cashier, then with the front end supervisor, then with the hard goods manager and then with the general manager. Getting angry with any of these people was completely unjustified. I worked with both of these two individuals for a couple of years and NEVER saw them act in a manner that was not justified. I suggestion you rethink the situation and while reflecting upon your actions consider that you may have and continue to overeact to the shortage of free baseballs. I suspect that if you put this situation in perspective, you might find that there are bigger issues in life and perhaps not receiving two baseballs isn't really that big of a deal.

    • All I have to say is you are the biggest idiot I have ever heard of. The coupon said "While supplies last". Well you took too long to get there and supplies ran out. The company sends those promotional items to the store to give away. They are in different packaging and dont have UPCs. Once they run out then they are gone and if the store starts giving the same priced merhcandise off the shelf then they are giving money away. If they had to give away equal items off the shelf then eventually they would of had to give away all their baseballs for free. Im sorry that you are just so cheap that you cant afford $5.99. It just seems to me that you should of finished high school so you could learn the meaning of "While supplies last". Have a nice day.

    • I faced a similar ordeal this past weekend. There was a coupon in the paper for the iPhone. I could get the 4gb iPhone for $299.

      I went to the Apple store and they were out!!! I really wanted an iPhone and the felt the $299 price should be honored on the 16gb phone. I mean they are the ones who ran out. Why should I be penalized?? Apple should have been prepared and had thousands on hand.

      I spoke to the manager about selling me the 16gb iPhone for $299. He refused. Then he had the GULL to point out the fine print on the coupon "While supplies last." What's the big difference anyway?? It's just a little memory!!!!

      I'll never buy another product from Apple. I'm going to part with my iPod and my mac laptop!!!!

      Dicks should have honored the coupon on another type of baseball. Are they not all made the same? Don't they all have the same type of cork, rubber, cowhide and cosmetic appeal???

      You fucking idiot. What's wrong with you? Are you really that stupid?

    • Didn't argue til the decision was already made.

      Bait and switch.

    • And why do you assume I wasn't nice? I think I was right up to the point where the clown smarted off that I couldn't read?

      You said it earlier that you argued with the General Manager about it. He might have come to the registers with an open mind and when you argued you might have swayed his decision. It happens.

    • And why do you assume I wasn't nice? I think I was right up to the point where the clown smarted off that I couldn't read?

      A baseball is a baseball is a baseball.

      And a bait and switch is a bait and switch.

    • so lets tally up the costs:

      5 customers waiting in line for manager #1 to respond.
      10 customers watching me argue and use the term bait and switch loudly with General Manager.
      Manager #1's pay rate for 5 minutes wasted.
      Manager #2's pay rate for 5 mintues wasted.
      2 Cashiers pay rate for 5 minutes wasted, each.
      Customer service call center pay rate for 5 minutes wasted.
      Cost of reshelving my entire pruchase left on the counter. More cashier payrate wasted.
      $100 sale lost over $5 coupon. At 100% markup = $50 lost profit, Less the sensible thing to do of honoring coupon = $45 lost profit. Money spent at Sports Authority instead.

      Who at Dick's can do the sensible thing and just simply honor the coupon sent out to ScoreCard holders?

      Anybody with any customer service sense?????

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      • cashiers dont put up the stuff you left on the counter.....

      • 100% margin. What world do you live in? No one operates on 100%.

        You're right. They should have given you the stupid balls. If the manager wouldn't give them to you, if I was the guy behind you in line, I would have bought them for you.

        There is a reason that coupons say while supplies last. Did you ever think of that. Let me guess, did you show up the last day of the coupon offer and expect them to save you some.

        Hopefully the extra gas it cost you to drive to TSA, plus the aggravation and time of rebuying everything at TSA made it worthwhile to you. Plus of course the great lesson you taught your kids.

        Where are you going to shop after TSA doesn't meet your expectation.

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