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  • wall_st_bling wall_st_bling Dec 22, 2010 6:36 PM Flag


    NKE disappointed the street yesterday........and their stock got clocked.

    NKE was less OVERBOUGHT than DKS.

    NKE wasn't nearly as OVERVALUED as DKS.

    NKE had a 17 Forward P/E before earnings.......DKS has a forward P/E of 21.....(INSANELY HIGH)

    UA got clocked today also......and they were overvalued as well.....and their chart is breaking down.

    HIBB is breaking down......another overvalued sports retailer.....and HIBB has a Forward P/E lower than DKS.

    FINL disappointed the street after earnings last night.....and their Forward P/E is a very reasonable 12.

    FINL closed DOWN 7.13% today.

    MANY analysts are now advising to STAY AWAY from RETAIL STOCKS.....and even SHORT THEM.....saying that they are all OVERVALUED.

    A reasonable and fair value forward P/E historically for retail stocks is 14.........DKS forward P/E is 21.

    With a forward P/E of 14......DKS is worth no more than $ DKS is almost 50% OVERVALUED.

    That is INSANE.

    DKS is going to get slammed.........don't kid yourself.

    You can live in deanial all you want......but DKS will get its day of reckoning.

    And the MINDLESS, CHEERLEADING, SHEEP on this board will LOSE their recent gains, because their GREED clouds what little judgement that they have.

    The pumping SHEEP are too STUPID to hit the SELL button, and lock in gains and be they will give it all back.


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