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  • wall_st_bling wall_st_bling Jan 4, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    I LOVE taking money from mindless, pumping, SHEEP

    I LOVE taking money from mindless, pumping, SHEEP..........who do NO research, and don't understand finance, or the stock market.

    All they can do is FOLLOW THE HERD.....and pump stocks.....and be cheerleaders on message boards.

    And all they do is BASH anyone who doesn't agree with their mindless cheerleading.

    And that's what makes taking their money so much more rewarding and fun.

    They don't know a P/E from a PEA.

    Total IDIOTS.

    And the funny thing is......the SHEEP NEVER learn.

    That's why the stock market, and the economy, keep going through bubble/bust cycles.

    LOL....amazing just how STUPID you SHEEP really are.

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