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  • eii4me eii4me Apr 9, 2011 12:21 AM Flag

    Wall_St_Bling's last DKS thread-start...

    The last time Mr. Bling started a thread here on the DKS Yahoo message board was on Jan 12, 2011. His thread was titled, "Market is on FIRE....DKS is doing NOTHING." His message in that thread was, "DKS is DEAD MONEY."

    Ok, here are some facts about the financial performance DKS (data from Google and Yahoo).

    On Jan 12, 2011, DKS, closed at $35.42 -- the date of Mr. Bling's last headline. Between then and today...
    ...DKS lowest close was $34.78, on Jan 26, 2011; 2% below Bling's Jan 12 comment.
    ...DKS reached a record high of $41.83 on 4/5/11; 18% above Bling's Jan 12 comment.
    ...DKS sits today at $41.07; 16% above Bling's Jan 12 comment.

    Using DKS change from Bling's post on Jan 12, 2011, to today, DKS is projecting an annualized change of +87%.

    So, after all his spewing, is it any wonder that Mr. Bling is too embarrassed to post here?

    And for those who think that DKS ytd numbers are a fluke, look at this...
    ...over the last 12 months, DJIA is +13%; DKS is +58%.
    ...over the last 2 years, DJIA is +54%; DKS is +182%.
    ...over the last 3 years, DJIA is -2%); DKS is +47%.
    ...over the last 5 years, DJIA is +11%; DKS is +108%.
    (numbers rounded to nearest 1%)

    DKS went public in October, 2002, for $2.60 per share (adjusted for splits); today's price is almost 16x that. During the same span, the DOW went from 8,256 to 12,380; a multiple of merely 1.5.

    Said another way...
    ...$1,000 invested in the DOW 9.5 years ago is worth about $1,500 today.
    ...$1,000 invested in DKS 9.5 years ago is worth about $15,500 today.

    ...Mr. Bling is a Loser.
    ...Mr. Stack is a winner.

    Case closed.

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