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  • blueskyys2001_neighbor blueskyys2001_neighbor May 21, 2014 9:44 AM Flag

    Obamacare killing golf and golf sales

    When you're paying significantly higher premiums and have ridiculously higher deductibles, you have to cut back your spending somewhere. Playing lots of rounds of golf are a luxury that the shrinking middle class can no longer afford. And you can't afford to buy the latest golf equipment either. Things will get worse as Obamacare really effects the masses next year and health care premiums significantly rise again. Expect DKS golf sales to really tank the next 18 months. That's when the SHTF.

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    • I bought my last set of clubs on ebay, used, ten years ago. you are right the price of golf has become horrible.
      I suspect its due to maintence costs. higher gas prices, EPA restrictions on chemical use. people dont realise that what Washington does trickles down to hurt the average guy...

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      • You belong on a public course!

      • I'm mad at my municipal public golf courses. They got crazy with their ridiculous high green fees over the years. People started to avoid those courses by driving 20 to 40 miles across state lines to play on courses for less than half the cost as my county courses. A lot of those courses were in better shape too. I'm sure many stopped playing though when gas prices got so high.

        Obamacare is just crushing the middle class. Millions of workers were laid off or had their hours reduced to under 30 hours to avoid paying the Obamacare penalties. Millions lost their affordable health insurance and had to get new health insurance at much higher premiums and deductibles. When your health insurance goes up $300 to $600 or more a month, you don't have a lot left over to play golf. Another problem is the Fed keeping interest rates artificially low for the last 6 years. Seniors lost their interest income they were counting on. Many are living just on their savings. I'm sure that caused them to stop buying the latest golf clubs or playing many rounds.

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