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  • sonia64 sonia64 Jan 22, 1998 8:06 PM Flag

    Glad I'm not alone

    My local Sunday newspaper (owned by KRI) follows this stock. Last year, I began watching it. Then I learned that Warren Buffett holds KRI stock. I watched closer!

    Further research revealed that they own the excellent newspaper where I worked over 10 years ago.

    I'm thrilled to know that others own KRI stock, are pleased, and especially that the potential for continued long-term growth exists.

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    • "That would be Mrs. not Mr."
      Well, that explains it all.
      Is your name Hillary?

    • That would be Mrs. not Mr.

    • I'm very familiar with the packaging center in San Jose, which is also a union shop like Philly and those pay figures are pretty accurate. A union mailer gets $23-27/hr, depending on job title; the supervisors get between 60-75k; and there's a few $100k managers in production, all with not much education. They use to have a ton of the big money guys in the 90's but have cut back, along with the bonuses. They just recently had buyouts for the mailers at 50k a pop, but in return they have a trainee program that starts out at $10/hr, which is poverty for pricey Silicon Valley. San Jose has been KRI's cash cow for years, but not so much lately.

    • Mr. Corporate Exec ...

      Sorry, I can't get you a stub. But perhaps if you stopped playing with yours, you'd see the light.

      PNI is stuck with a bunch of 100k employees, (and not just in packaging either). Do you suppose it could be reflected in their paltry profit margin?

    • 1) Ask someone what they scored on the SAT.
      2) Ask someone where they ranked in their HS class.
      3) Ask someone how much they make
      4) Ask a man how big his [blank] is.
      1) ask them to see their SAT score
      2) ask them to prove their HS rank
      3) ask them to see their tax return
      4) Get out a ruler


      Packaging room people make how much? Until you can post the pay stub of a packaging room supervisor or a letter from a human resources director proving how much the supervisor is making, I'd suggest you save everybody's time and refrain from posting.

      This is a FACT.

    • Not in Charlotte.

      That's a fact.

    • don't shoot the messenger or the messenger for rounding up. Floor supers at pni in the mail room have salary ranges from 60-80k. The managers have ranges from 80-100k.

      And the FULL TIME mailers DO make $25 an hour.

      And this is FACT.

    • Not in Philly. I know for a fact.

    • They have packaging supervisors watching mailers stuff papers making $100,000 a year. Course the mailers are only making $25.50 an hour.

    • trust me.....I worked for pni and there are quite a few commission sls reps who earned well in excess of $500,000 per yr - it wasn't until recently that these reps were put on a flat salary. I'm sure pni is looking at some sort of lawsuit for changing these reps over to salaried positions. If you believe that NO newspaper sales reps made this kind of money you are nuts. Talk to all the salaried reps at pni or for that matter almost anyone working at these 2 papers. It has been common knowledge that many have been earning HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for the past 8 yrs. Check it out!

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