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  • ssfu99 ssfu99 Dec 21, 1999 6:08 PM Flag


    increase in accounts payable provides positive cash flow :) my mistake. but the inventories questions still lingers.

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    • I went back starting at the Dec '96 quarter and
      made an Excel chart with sales, receivables, payables
      and inventory on the same chart. I made this on a
      quarterly basis.

      Using sales as a reference,
      receivables have the slowest growth.
      Inventory is next.
      The last Qtr had the steepest increase in

      Payables came in as increasing the most.

      inventory does not look like It's in trouble. It will be
      several quarters yet before I could make a case for
      mismanagement in that area. Payables are going up steeper than
      sales... this should increase the cash position by
      delaying your bills. I'm not a bean counter so "cash flow"
      is a bit abstract to me. But I get the idea and will
      try to make some sense of that as well. Also, It's
      not wrong to call the company and just ask. They have
      a CFO and he should know exactly what cash flow is

      Since I took the time to put this all together it will
      be interesting to see how the Dec Qtr ends up. I'll
      try to remember to post an update to this after the Q
      is released.

      Everything sure looks good to
      me. The growth rate is very good and seems to be
      managed very well. If the stock price continues to
      perform as it has I would think we could look forward to
      a split in the near term. That would be nice

      Dick Milde

    • I don't like the massive increase in accounts
      payable, which makes the cash flows positive. I don't know
      what the company's sales history is, but an increase
      in inventory can be product not selling or a ramp up
      for increased sales in the next quarter. -RD

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      • There are many factors regarding cash flow in the
        quarterly report but on the bottom line I see cash
        increased from 7M to over 11M quarter to quarter. How can
        that be bad? The only thing that keeps investors wary
        is the big price moves on so little volume. For
        example, this morning, 17K shares traded hands down 2
        points. Thin market moves this stock for no real reasons,
        it is not news driven like the large cap stocks.

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