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  • lemew Aug 22, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    the revealing question to the entire skam

    is who currently holds the approx 17m shares of stock that constitute the float beyond which insiders hold.
    Who holds those shares? Small time bettors and stubborn bxtards who rode the stock down? Or was the original plan to rob American shareholders of their investments by driving the stock to nearly nil and then acquire the balance of stocks at bottom and then wait, talk down the stock, and then get an eventual buyout (making a double profit on the way back up) to take private or public in the PRC? If we can identify who currently holds the float we can easily ascertain whether ths is true or not? The sine qua non as they say that without which.

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    • I sort of wish that really is the case ... maybe we will get a buy out @ 4.25 like Ji tried in the past.

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      • lemew Aug 22, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

        are you aware that when the Ji and Yang made the $4.25 offer there was a shareholder that sued for "breach of fiduciary responsibility?" And... on top of that the sale of company would have to be approved by the shareholders. Time for you to pay attention to what the worth of the company is. It may be true that there is a dispute about the total payment for warrants, but the construction loan is easily payable in the normal course of business. (rbt is an idiot or a shill). And on top of that, when the LNG margins match the CNG margins, the earnings double. Kang as much as stated that is coming.

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