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  • jaybraz Jun 28, 2010 8:26 PM Flag

    Good News

    Cash went from 13.9 to 12.4...what do you mean cash went up?

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    • Allah, cash went UP,and up a lot. please learn how to read a balance sheet before posting any more.

    • This is terrible any way they or anyone here wants to spin it. There cash is going DOWN. Sure probably growth cap-ex so they can lose even more on the income statement! Ye hoo......

      This company is a f'ing joke. And management keeps harping on the same thing. "We're in better shape than a year ago" mantra....

      Well, a year ago they were almost B.K. They would have been unless Sellers didn't infuse the capital....which was essentially 15 million.

      Now, they have less than that in cash (yes, I know, payables) but it shows you what a lousy business this is. Along with tax refunds and Capital infusion, the company continues to BURN sigficant cash from operations.

      Make no mistake: This was a pre-announcement for lousy numbers.

      The stock will tank a least 15% tomorrow. Perhaps more.

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      • Oh geez..Allah is back to going crazy and posting blatant wrong information.

        The Sellers infusion was for 12 Million. The fact that you don't know that is pretty telling, it shows that you basically haven't even performed basic research on this company.

        The Q results were good. They are turning around the company and continue to make progress, albeit slower than I would expect- but again all results keep getting better each quarter.

        As usual, you got emotional and completely misread the press release.

    • Cash And Cash Equivalents 10,339
      Short Term Investments 3,308

      They quoted at Cash and Cash equivalents at $12.4MM

      Don't think they were including short term investments

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