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  • jrn69panther jrn69panther Jan 11, 2012 10:56 PM Flag

    The current stock pice suggests

    ---that the Titanic auction may not result in the windfall that many on this board think it may be.

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    • One could have said something similar a few years ago when I bought at 70 cents.

      The estimates of its value were very high then. Im up over 3 times my money.

      Does it REALLY matter if we "only" get $2.75 per share rather than $4.50+ ?

      Should we DUMP the stock because we might only get $2.75 ?

      A case could be made that loading up at current prices even for $2.75 would be a very wise move.

      Me ? I dont know whats going to happen but in cases like these over the years, Ive found the market tends to underestimate what may actually be paid out.

      So even if the $5 a share talkers are full of crap, Im going to make more money by holding than by selling.

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      • Exactly. stocks get mispriced constantly. What is going on is quite simple. SOME people believe they will sell the stuff for $189MM++++. Others do not. People misunderstand the tax implications here among other things, and also probably under-estimate how many super wealthy people exist out there who will battle over this in the coming months. We will see. I stick with my prediction of $4.50+ for the sum of the parts.

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