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  • runner6000 runner6000 Dec 20, 2011 10:23 AM Flag

    Dysfunctional Bank!

    This POS bank doesn't operate in the real world. Just a bunch of wanna be bankers getting fat and I do mean fat,money wise and physically while the stock price continues to deteriate!

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    • Mr. Runner,

      I understand your frustration. However, banks that are growing with acquisition(s) usually lose tangible book value--they had to pay a little extra, otherwise the acquirees can simply liquidate. With FDIC deals, they actually made money, except these acquirees are a bit crappy. So down the road, the banks had to absorb some losses.

      The loses has not been very large, but BNCN was supposed to duplicate its superior management to these acquirees and bring them up to speed. It never happened. Either it did not have the superior management of its own, or the integration took longer.

      Not unlike De Novo banks, they'll lose money for a couple years on these acquirees. Eventually, they'll do okay. How well is the question.

      I generally stay away from De Novo banks. I'll stay away from BNCN, for that matter any bank that is growing with acquisition. Unless, of course, they already illustrated their ability to integrate the acquirees. USB and WFC came to mind.

      That said, it's been a couple of years since BNCN started to expand, maybe better days are just around the corner?

      Good luck.


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