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  • jackhiller May 17, 2011 12:22 PM Flag

    Melissa Davis of StreetSweeper: In Bed with Short Sellers and Convicted Felons

    Sand and others interested in efficient economics

    If you are in a district with a Republican Congressman, suggest writing about the problem of manipulative short attacks creating economic inefficiencies and destruction of otherwise prosperous companies and jobs. Point out that this is a problem that is correctable by SEC enforcement of a bar on naked shorting enabled by brokerages. Be clear that the problem is not with shorting a stock, but with naked shorting.

    NOG likely provides an excellent example of a prosperous company with growing earnings that came under attack after a steep price rise. Although some prfit taking made trading sense, the prolonged Short attack created bad economics. The SEC is lax, and that provides the Rs with another example of an incompetent Administration. Recommend reading the wiki article for background:

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