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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 May 17, 2011 10:10 AM Flag

    Shorts have been right for the wrong reasons

    Spot, all of your points seem to miss the point except this:
    "you believe we're all engaged in a big conspiracy"

    Money is not at issue it is the method. If you are long, you can just wait, a month or a year is not the problem.

    The leagleze that I had mentioned for you to read that Jack was kind enough respond to your post to lay out, explains the legal aspects which is very is revealing. Do you think he is just kidding?

    The claims that stockmonger makes are illustrated with very specific examples. She clearly explains fraud. Maybe you think she is off base somehow?

    The explanations that boepd (another very smart lawyer) pointed out are not merely hypothetical.

    You should read all of their posts and you will understand what the issue is. People reading the posts are not stupid. Jack really does have a PhD & is a lawyer. You can google his published research papers if you don't believe it.

    It is not so much about NOG but about the methods used to attack them that people find so deeply objectionable. This is because we are ALL (even you)supposed to be protected by law from such deceptions and misconduct.

    Many people believe (and it seems pretty obvious) that there has been a manipulative short selling scheme. It has been written about by known authors who we all read in articles by ZMAN, Filloon, etc.

    It not as you portray which seems more like a football game of the shorts against the longs, or as jamesis calls the pumpers against the bashers.

    The people who have posted like Jack, stockmonger & boepd describe a behavior that is regulated by the SEC & enforced by them & DOJ.

    You have at least TWO lawyers explaining in their detailed posts what is wrong and you sttill just want to ignore it.

    Market risk is something everyone expects. Not intentional deceptions by hit pieces for the purpose of aiding profiteers supported by a program of follow-on negative propaganda.

    Hope that makes it clear enough now for you?

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    • With all due respect sand, I know you inherently think you are on the side of good, but Jack and boepd from what I have read, they may well be educated, but nonetheless they are in the dark on this one, investing requires more than study and degrees it also takes good sense, intuition an ability to see through appearances that the market presents. Understanding human nature/psychology is a big factor, as it pertains to other investors/market participants and management, after all we are investing in people and their efforts.

      You like to hold up OSTK as a red herring example, but look at there stock chart, they have missed out on the bull market of the past couple years. Shorts had them pegged. Gradient may have crossed the line, I don't know, I have not studied the details, but they said they settled because it was cheaper to do so than go to court, but the stock was going down anyway. Byrne's victory over gradient was mere symbolism. His reputation is now in tatters, his stock is beaten down, apparently their e commerce site is not doing that well. All that time battling the shorts, Pat could have been improving his company.

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