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  • patience_grasshopper1970 patience_grasshopper1970 Aug 30, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    ANV is a very good company with a solid management team

    It does not belong in this price range, sooner or later it will be reflected.. Longs are on the right side.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • best choice on september

    • who is ceo?

    • you are absolutely correct....Obviously, the gold price is the driver. ANV has one of the lower mining costs when compared to the majors. All in costs are running under 1100, whereas they are over 1200 for the HUI group. I think it is smart to postpone the milling expansion to see what will happen in the next 6-8 months and see if ambient alkaline rec works as well as it has been indicated and preserve the cash pposition. If air ambient option for this is usable for rec.(it looks that way) it will save another $96/oz in extraction costs. I think ANV price will recover into low 10s within this qtr as the current production issues are solved. The state approval for additional wetting should be obtained within a week or two.

      I expect gold to be past 1600 this year and far higher next year. We could see gold get repriced dramatically as there are many reasons for that. The current gold price is driven by NY paper product crooks as the worldwide demand is soaring. I believe most of the gold placed with the London and NY criminals for safekeeping is gone and the calls for its return will go unanswered or postponed indefinitely.

      Everything I have looked at about this company tells me the potential for share price appreciation is great. I visited their H. mine once and will go back when time permits.

      My estimate still stands. When gold hits 2k(and it will)with silver around $50, and the milling option in
      effect,...say mid 2015...the ANV share price will have climbed close to or past $ think it sounds absurd, just do your own calcs... Nothing much changed since the stock was at $, I am looking at doubling plus since its high. The current price is unreasonable by any measure and a victim, though temporary, of NY paper criminals.

      btw, put the mentally challenged bashers on ignore...IT WORKS...they desperately need attention and you feed their deprived ego by acknowledging them....

    • keep smoking crack, this POS is at 4.5 with gold at 1400, if gold drops to 1300, this will be at 3
      bottomline, this is POS, making lower lows
      barely moves when gold rallies, when gold drops gives up all gains and makes new lows
      there is reason this trash is down 90%