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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Oct 3, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    BOTTOM LINE new management better under promise and over deliver going forward.

    Previous mgmt indicated no need for additional funding and the stock pops over 30% to 15's. Just 3 weeks later they announce a stock offering of 14M shares priced at $10.75 per share. If there's anything shareholders hate, it's INSIDERS who over promise and under deliver. That's exactly what previous mgmt has done for the last 4 quarters.

    New mgmt needs to under promise and over deliver going forward and I believe they will. So maybe Nov 5th Q-3 report and guidance will boost the stock a bit, but I'm not all warm and fuzzy by any means yet.

    If new mgmt can continue cutting costs and successfully scale back expansion, yet maintain increased production, the share price will take care of itself.

    Investors buying the 3's here should realize significant gains in the years ahead. Of course higher metal prices would help a lot :-)


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    • EARNINGS in my opinion will not be as good as some of you longs here think they will be. Some of you believe .03 per share gain, but I'd be very surprised if that came to fruition.

      Personally I'd be happy if ANV reported break even, but it's possible and investors should be prepared for another miss.