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  • peteharmison peteharmison Oct 7, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    The biggest difference between suckers here and Pete harmison

    Pete shorts trends, suckers here go for individual stocks in that sector
    sooner or later the trend override everything and stocks make new lows
    It does not matter what news comes out, what earnings come out, It's all about the miner TREND

    Most miners are at 52 week low and ready to break previous lows. Gold is holding above 1300, yet miners are barely able to rally - because gold will plunge 100 dollars once the shutdown/debt ceiling is out of way. No one wants to catch falling knife

    This will be back below 4 soon, just matter of time. The TREND is BEAR for gold miners and they are all set to break to new lows. ANV on its' own simply has no balls to override this powerful negative trend that says loud and clear

    see ya at 1180

    then watch for high 3's soon
    The market looks at TREND of the sector, not individual stocks
    I am shorting several BIOTECH stocks because I sensed bubble in them and most have tanked 10% in last 3 days

    Thanks for opportunity to short at these levels
    Tomorrow this will have little pop at open and DUMP all day..
    If you think this will stay above 5 - You are a big FOOL
    It is going below 4 again, earnings and all that #$%$ - lasts for a day, after that ??
    TREND is your FRIEND
    Miners will tank even harder if market correct

    Enjoy your one day in SUN, if you are smart take profits, make money
    you wil be facing next few days in RED, slow bleed back to low 4's and then tank below 4 when gold drops like a rock on SHUTDOWN closure news

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