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  • blasto_blasto_blasto blasto_blasto_blasto May 22, 2007 8:06 AM Flag

    OT: Jimmy is Ramblin'


    Just a note that IBD is doing a 10-part series on the worst President in Amercian History. Ges who? It's the guy Rambler voted for in 1976 and 1980. Jimmy Carter. Mr. Malaise. You gots to luv dat.


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    • I know, Blasto. I think Roman reminds me of my buddy. I have this optimism that most people, when they step back and take a deep breath, will respond to reason. Darth would understand that. You wouldn't.

      On the other hand, the ramblin guy has already sold his soul. He says he's a supervisor and thinks that Willie's sex with subordinates is superior sex. I may have misunderstood him though. Maybe he was trying to say that lib gals think sex with a cigar is superior to sex with a lib guy. Yeah. I'll be an optimist and believe that's what he was trying to say.

    • Gamble,

      You gots to call a spade a spade. You're too nice. Southern Iraq is Arab and Shiaa. Iran is Persian and Shiaa. Arabs and Persians don't mix and if they tried, Roman and da Libs would have their Civil War they seem to so desperately want. What Roman demonstrated to mee was complete and utter ignorance imo. Very typical of a Lib. Very naive and very dangerous.


    • Roman,

      Thanks for the clarification. Maybe in 20 years we will all agree in hindsight on this. But I don't think even the most pessimistic observer thought that the Iraqi people would continue to murder so many of their own innocents after Saddam fell. It just is not in our world view to consider what they are doing to each other. But I encourage you communicate with someone in our military who is or has been on the ground. You will certainly see a side of this you do not get from our media. Our rank and file military people will tell you they are making a difference. We are not losing. We will only lose if we surrender.

      As for your last point, Korea was building nuclear capabilities under then President Clinton - with his aid. Clinton thought he had an agreement with Kim to stop the weapons program in exchange for peaceful nuclear technology. Kim never stopped. He used what we gave him. The deed was done when Bush came into office. Lesson: Naive peaceniks should not make a deal with a madman. And to your point about Iran moving into Iraq, I do think about that. A lot. And that is why we must win.

    • Roman,

      "Moreover, this war in Iraq will ultimately be won by Iran when they declare southern Iraq as part a new greater Iran"

      Is dat a slam dunk? Do you work for Tenet?

      Roman, I know the market is closed but what's you been smokin' girl? Is that a nuanced post? Where do you Libs get these ideas? Don't tell mee. Jimmy Carter's wabbit?


    • Gambler:

      Sorry, the "misrepresentation" about WMDs was not about whether or not Sadam had gassed his own people or that he had actively tried to develop bio and nuclear weapons. The issue under dispute is whether or not at the time leading up to the war, he had these programs in any sort of advanced stages. Particularly the administration tried to make a case that a nuclear threat was imminent (remember "mushroom cloud" and "yellow cake") and they had to go to war that very minute. I was no fan of Sadam and an idiot that he was, his behavior fell right into this scenario.

      As far as Iraqis celebrating in streets, sure they did that for a while - until they turned their anger on the Americans as occupiers, that is. Sunnies and Shias both think equally right now that it is OK to kill American soldiers. The pereption put forth by Cheney that somehow there would be smooth-sailing after the fall of Sadam was itself simplistic - not nuanced enough. That was my point. It's not the words, but the spirit of the words that people took to when they gave their tacit support to the war.

      In more ways than one, the stupidity here is not the war itself, but believing themselves in the hype they knew they were using only to feed the general public, topped by utter incompetency by the civilians in charge of post-war operations.


      P.S. While the Bush adminisratation was focussed on Iraq, one country now *is* nuclear and another is closer to it than Iraq ever was. And both are run by more dangerous crack-pots than Sadam. How's that for an irony? Moreover, this war in Iraq will ultimately be won by Iran when they declare southern Iraq as a apart of a new grater Iran, as soon as we leave from which we will have to do at some point - with or without the left's screaming. Think about that....

    • "Get help."?

      That doesn't rhyme.

    • Roman, say it ain�t so! In your calm moments, do you really believe that before Bush was even a candidate, he somehow convinced Bill & Hillary, the U.N., the U.S. Senate (including the Committee on Military Affairs, who had all the same info) that Saddam had WMDs? Did Bush gas the Kurds and Iran, and then plant all of the WMDs that Hans Blix found before Saddam kicked him out of Iraq for wanting to inspect �sensitive� areas? Did Bush bury all those military planes in the Iraqi desert or fly them to Syria, just to build a story that the same thing happened to the WMDs? Did he plant the thousands of chemical weapons suits found when Iraq was invaded? During the war, did he convince Bill and Hillary to continue lying that the WMDs were there and to continue supporting the war? That is the mother of all conspiracy theories. I don�t believe that you believe it.

      As for the �welcoming with flowers�, that in fact happened. My friends serving in the military tell me it did and I watched it on the news. It was quite memorable. In fact, it is still happening today in the Shia areas. I doubt that and presented it, so you may have missed it. Did you also miss the celebration when our soldiers helped bring down Saddam�s statue? That was also quite memorable. Or was that also a big Bush lie? Of course, that was before the Saddam-supporting insurgents began killing their own people and our soldiers. But just because you forgot or ignored the welcome does not mean it did not happen.

      This is part of the insanity I see on the left. The events leading up to the war are recorded for all to see � who had the information and who supported it. The loudest voices now screaming �LIAR!� claimed at the time that they knew Saddam had WMDs. For someone to do that, does it not make them the worst kind of liar?

    • Bored,

      Victory is sweet.

      It's so easy with these goofball libs.


    • Get help.

    • Bored,

      Ramblin' really didn't know
      Blasto was in tow
      Until he was told
      And finally he broke the confusing mold!
      But it is very true
      Darth is quite blue
      But knot because he's sad
      Because he's richer than Rambler
      By more than a tad


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