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  • gulleyj56 gulleyj56 Dec 15, 2007 10:49 AM Flag

    Hey Rambler

    In all the brouhaha about Darth's double (triple?) life, and the outbreak of multiple personality syndrome that followed, I lost track of all bets. What are you holding or buying now? Many thanks.

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    • Geez, did you really look to see? You must be...well...... BTW 'slow' isn't in there either.

    • Blasto,

      You have seen enough. I beat you fairly, unfortunately (for you) you have no honor. No surprise, since you have no chi. Are you Welch, by any chance, lol?

      You should fall on your toy light-saber.


    • Mumbles,

      I want the stock market net profit by year back to when you started trading (Civil War?). Once I'm convinced you're telling da truth, I'll send $100 to da American Red Cross.

      Tell me true too. Could John Edwards be considered a Terrorist for his views on abortion? I gots to know.

      Blasto for President

    • Psssst... I can hear the air leaking out of your bag.

      The $100 goes to me. I'll send it on to John Edwards on your behalf. Don't pay, and you are just a cheap welcher.

      Good luck thinking about it, doof.


    • Gullible,

      Da Gullible buying da gullible bs from Dr. Pirooma? I'm changing your name back to gullible until you vote for me.

      Blasto for President

    • Gulley,

      Blasto bet me $100 once that I never made money in stocks. There was really no way to settle the issue until the Pirooma posts came along. As far as I'm concerned, that proved him wrong and now he owes me the money. Of course, he's probably not the type who pays his gambling debts, so...

      I stopped accumulating LDK at about 32, and started selling (1/2 position) at 60. The rest goes at 70. That's how I planned that one back in early Nov. In my other portfolios I have LDK positions that won't be sold til they reach 80.

      This week I have been accumulating BA, OPTT, and VWDRY.PK. I expect the BA to autosell at 105, 108, maybe even 110 in late Jan. The OPTT will go for 20 in Q1, I hope. VWDRY.PK is a stock I have been buying for a while, and I hold that long with autosell set at 60.

      All my stocks have autosell prices set. I don't set stop losses, because most of my picks are high beta and I used to lose too many that way. They always recover, and as long as I'm not betting with cash I'll need next week to buy cat food (like Blasto), I can let them ride.